Pedro Engel Wikipedia And Edad: Esposa And Hijos

This article revolves around the whereabouts of Pedro Engel Wikipedia alongside his Edad and details of his personal life.

Pedro Engel Bratter is an astrologer, tarot reader, writer, reiki master, writer, ancestor and rune reader who graduated from the University of Chile in Hispanic Literature, in the 70s.

With an emphasis on myths and symbols, he deepened his understanding of theology and religions by studying and being influenced by the work of Carl Jung. Later, Pedro continued his research by taking courses in dream analysis led by psychologist and physiologist Lola Hoffmann.

Pedro Engel has a strong and passionate fan base of people who are continually inspired by his work and his attention to detail. Accordingly, this article provides details of Pedro’s personal life and professional endeavors.

Wikipedia by Pedro Engel

Many people search the whereabouts of Pedro Engel on Wikipedia with the aim of getting to know him better by understanding his personal life and professional career. However, a Wikipedia page under the author’s name has not yet been created.

Nevertheless, thanks to Pedro official sitepeople can also get information about him.

Pedro Engel is a remarkable astrologer and tarot reader who has had a positive impact on the lives of many people. He studied astrology in the 1980s with Gonzalo Pérez, a psychologist.

The writer also has experience teaching classes and workshops in a variety of topics, including literature, ancestry, and reiki.

His work inspired the media to ask him to participate as a panelist in morning programs such as Chilean television, including Welcome and Mucho Gusto, as well as on the radios, including ADN, which stands upright. Furthermore, IIn Chile, his books have achieved bestseller status.

The astrologer has also written several books such as The Wisdom of the Zodiac: A Guide to Success, Clays, Alternative Healing Paths, The Churches of Santiago, Magical Almanac: Festivals, Rituals and Gods, and Dreams: Ten Keys to Interpreting Them, name a few.

Pedro Engel Edad: how old is the astrologer?

Fans also look for Pedro Engel’s Edad next to his Wikipedia page. Well, he turns 72 in 2023.

The astrologer is of Austro-Hungarian origin since his grandfather was born in Austria and his grandmother was born in Hungary, and more precisely, Czechoslovakian, since his mother was born in Prague.

Additionally, Pedro’s ancestors arrived in Chile after surviving World War II, with his father being the sole survivor on the paternal side of the family.

Talking about his siblings, he grew up alongside two older brothers, Alejandro and David.

Moreover, Engel’s passion for art goes back to his youth when he created mandalas with mud in his house and during his first ritual at the age of 12 without having any certain inspiration behind it.

Pedro Engel Esposa and Hijos

The astrologer’s Esposa was Alicia Izak. Pedro married Alicia when he was 19 and they were together for several years. However, on May 20, 1980, Pedro Engel Esposa committed suicide, leaving the tarologist a widower for life.

After Alicia’s death, Pedro remained single and never remarried. Speaking of his hijos, the writer is a kind father of four children.

After Alicia Izak’s death, Pedro took full responsibility for his children and provided them with unconditional love and support as a single parent. Currently, Engel is the loving grandfather of six grandchildren.

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