Patrick Mahomes Closes Travis Kelce’s White House Speech: ‘I’m Sorry’

Travis Kelce tried to play the president for a while – and the playful Patrick Mahomes had none of it.

The Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs paid their visit to the White House on Monday and the team’s star tight end and quarterback appeared to be enjoying themselves on their second trip to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in course of the last three years.

After the duo posed for a photo onstage with President Biden with a Chiefs no. 46 jersey, Kelce – dressed in a red suit and black shirt – walked to the podium with the presidential seal and began to address the crowd.

“So I was waiting for this…” Kelce said before Mahomes stepped in to cut him off.

The former MVP looked like a Secret Service agent fending off his tight end with the rest of the team.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” Mahomes said.

It’s unclear if this was something the two had planned or if Kelce was going to throw his hat in the 2024 race, but it got a lot of laughs from those in attendance.

The Chiefs came to the White House by beating Eagles and Kelce brother Jason 38-35 in the 2023 Super Bowl in Glendale, Ariz., in February.

Biden praised the team, which showed “the true joy of the game and the love for each other and the great city that you represent”, and applauded their off-court efforts in the community, in saying “like these guys know football, they know life and know how to use their platform to make a difference.”

The visit comes at a dark time for the Chiefs franchise after matriarch Norma Hunt – widow of team founder Lamar – died over the weekend at the age of 85.

Mahomes and Kelce were two of the most dynamic players in the NFL during their time with the Chiefs.

Last season, the 27-year-old Mahomes threw for a career-high 5,250 yards, 41 touchdowns and 12 interceptions while completing a career-high 67.1% of his passes en route to his second MVP award.

Kelce, 33, caught a career-high 110 passes for a career-high 1,338 yards and 12 touchdowns.

Chances are he and Mahomes will make a few more trips to the White House before their careers end.


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