Patrick Cripps wife, who is Monique Fontana?

Patrick Cripps wife: This article is going to be very interesting as we are talking here about a well known personality who is Australian AFL midfielder he got immense when support and now people started hitting their search engines in order to get some know more about this personality so we are talking about Patrick Cripps. Follow our Media website for the latest updates!!!!!

Who is Patrick Cripps?

As people were very interested and wanted to know about his personal life including his relationship status. So make sure you don’t miss any of it. Cripps so he was born on March 18 in the year 1995 in Western Australia and currently he is 27 years old, he is considered an inspiration to many young people.

Who is Patrick Cripps’ wife, Monique Fontana?

Talking about his family, so when he was quite young, he decided with his family members to move to North Town, a small farming town in Western Australia where he attended university, then he started to play. Many people wanted to know if he is married or not so yes, he got engaged to his longtime girlfriend who goes by the name Monique Fontana.

Patrick Cripps & Monique Fontana Career

Both play to announce their engagement in March of the year 2022 by talking about his wife, so she is a certified professional nurse and she looks gorgeous. Patrick Cripps is linked to former West Coast Eagles footballer Chris Mainwaring through his father.

Family of Patrick Cripps

Cripps’ father is Mainwaring’s first cousin, and the two are also linked to current West Coast Eagles player Jamie Cripps. Cripps also grew close to another former Eagle in Daniel Chick. On December 31, 2022, Cripps married his partner Monique Fontana. Apart from that, he is passionate and he has a unique style of play.

Patrick Cripps: Wikipedia

Cripps, standing 195cm (6ft 5in), established himself as one of the best inside midfielders, finishing 8th in the league in possessions contested and 11th in clearances, and earning strong recognition for his use handball offense. He finished second in the 2015 AFL Rising Star award.

Cripps further cemented his place as one of the AFL’s best inside midfielders, amassing 185 clearances at an average of 8.8 per game, ranked No.1 in the AFL, as well as 354 possessions contested at an average of 16.9, ranked No. 2 in the AFL for the season.


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