Pat Robertson Religion: Was he a Christian? Family and children

Pat Robertson’s religion came to public attention after his death. Let’s find out more about his faith and his family life.

Pat Robertson was an American religious broadcaster, political commentator, and Southern Baptist pastor. Pat has also worked as the head of Regent University and the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

Robertson was loved by many for his outstanding works. Furthermore, he was also the founder of major organizations such as CBN and Regent University.

Besides that, Robertson was also a bestselling author and the former host of a program named The 700 Club. Currently, everyone is mourning his death as Pat’s family recently shared the tragic news.

Pat Robertson Religion: Was he a Christian?

After Pat Robertson’s death, his religion came to public attention. For your information, Robertson was a Christian.

As previously stated, he was also a Southern Baptist pastor. Not to mention that Southern Baptist is a Christian denomination based in the United States.

After Christianity, Robertson also did many works that everyone loved. In 1960 he established the Christian Broadcasting Network in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Likewise, he shaped three major religious developments, including charismatic revival, Christian television, and evangelical politics.

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A look at Pat Robertson’s family life

Pat Robertson was raised in a superior family life in Lexington, Virginia, USA. Absalom Willis Robertson and Gladys Churchill raised him with his older brother Willis Robertson Jr.

Not to mention, Pat’s father was a Virginia politician who worked for over 50 years in public office. Absalom sadly passed away on November 1, 1971.

On the other hand, his late mother was a housewife and a musician. His older brother gave him the nickname Pat, and everyone started calling him Pat. For your information, Pat’s real name is Marion Gordon Robertson.

Likewise, Pat learned a lot about life and freedom from his late father. Furthermore, he credits him with an incredible work ethic, integrity, frugality, and understanding of what it means to be a public servant.

Meet Pat Robertson Kids: Gordon, Elizabeth, Tim, Anne

Pat Robertson is survived by his four children named Gordon P. Robertson, Tim Robertson, Elizabeth Faith Robertson and Anne Carter Robertson. Pat raised his children with his late wife, Dede Elmer, whom he married in 1954.

Meanwhile, Robertson’s wife was an author, nurse, and evangelical Christian activist from America. The Robertson family had a tragic moment when Dede passed away on April 19, 2022.

On the other hand, Pat’s son Gordon is the president of the Christian Broadcasting Network. He is also president of Operation Blessing International. Not only that, but Gordon is also the main host of the 700 Club.

Apart from this, Gordon also started working with Operation Blessing International in 1995. Initially, he took on the role of President and Founder of Operation Blessing Philippines.

After that, he founded other companies including Operation Blessing India, Operation Blessing China and Operation Blessing Thailand. Moreover, he is a married man who lives happily with his wife Katharyn, whom he married in 1989.

Also, the whole family is currently broken as Pat recently at the age of 93.

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