Pat Cassey BMX died after motorcycle accident involving Axell Hodges motocross

Pat Cassey Death – The victim of a fatal motocross accident has been identified by officials as Pat Cassey. Pat Cassey died after an accident on a circuit near Ramona. San Diego officials are investigating a fatal motocross accident that resulted in the death of a motorcyclist. Axell Hodges, a 26-year-old motocross legend, bought the 40-acre property where the crash that killed the motorcyclist took place. The crash that happened at a racetrack near Ramona is being investigated by the San Diego Sheriff’s Department.

Fatal motocross accident

Pat Cassey died from injuries sustained in a motocross accident near Ramona. Around 2:45 p.m., reports of an incident near State Route 78 and Sutherland Dam Road in the Ramona neighborhood of San Diego County were investigated by authorities. According to Cal Fire Captain Brent Pascua of CBS 8, when 9-1-1 received the call, they immediately began instructing the caller on how to perform CPR on the injured man.

The deceased male victims were identified as Pat Cassey by officials at the time of this public. He needed lifesaving assistance when authorities arrived at the scene, but sadly the deceased was pronounced dead there. A green motocross bike was parked next to the victim.

First responders spent 55 minutes trying to revive the victim, according to Captain Pascua. South African champion Marco Urzi created Freestyle Motocross (FMX), a relatively new subgenre of supercross that focuses on performing stunt acts while jumping motocross bikes rather than racing. A jury selects the winner. Riders are ranked based on their style, level of stunt difficulty, best use of the course and, generally, audience reaction. In 1999, FMX was introduced to the X Games and to the general public.

Pat Cassey is an American BMX rider who won medals at the 2012 and 2013 X Games back to back. He is renowned for being the first jumper to successfully perform the “decade backflip” and the “double decade backflip” in a competitive setting. He was five years old when he started cycling. Condolences are sent to family members.

Axell Hodges obituary and funeral arrangements to be released by family members

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