Ormond Beach woman breaks in, tries to stab ex-husband near Bunnell, sheriff says

The Flagler County Sheriff's Office stated that Melinda Gould broke into her ex-husband's home near Bunnell, took this knife from the kitchen and tried to stab him.

The Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said that Melinda Gould broke into her ex-husband’s dwelling near Bunnell, took this knife from the kitchen and tried to stab him.

An Ormond Beach woman was arrested after she broke into her ex-husband’s house near Bunnell and tried to stab him, in accordance to the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

Melinda Gould, 40, was charged with aggravated assault, armed housebreaking of dwelling/construction, and two counts of kid abuse psychological damage. She was beforehand trespassed from her ex-husband’s dwelling in October 2022, so she was additionally arrested for trespass – after warning.

On a physique digicam video after her arrest, Gould tells a deputy that she might have killed him and did not, apparently referring to her ex-husband. She stated she was making an attempt to scare him. She warned subsequent time she’d come ready.

She additionally stated on the video that had she had a gun, she would have killed him.

“I would have blew his brains out and not thought twice about it,” Gould stated on the video.

She stated she would have killed the lady, apparently that means the ex-husband’s girlfriend, if she had come at her, in accordance to the video.

Gould additionally stated she kicked over a motorbike that was parked subsequent to her earlier within the night as a result of she was so indignant.

Gould calls 911 claiming she had nightmare

The first signal one thing could be amiss was from Gould herself. She referred to as 911 at 2:40 a.m. Friday to say she had simply awoken from a nightmare wherein she heard gunshots at her ex-husband’s dwelling in Bunnell the place her kids had been staying. She requested that somebody verify that everybody was OK, in accordance to the sheriff’s workplace.

A deputy checked, noticed nothing suspicious and referred to as Gould to inform her. She replied by telling the deputy “Go (expletive) yourself.”

At about 3:48 a.m., a woman referred to as 911 to report that her boyfriend’s ex-wife had damaged into the house, appeared over their mattress as they slept and was trying to stab the person, the sheriff’s workplace stated.

When the deputy arrived, he noticed a silver van, later recognized as Gould’s, within the driveway. The deputy then noticed by the house’s open entrance door {that a} man was holding Gould to the ground. A filet knife was close by. The couple’s three kids had been additionally inside the house, bodily unhurt however traumatized.

Deputies realized that after Gould acquired the decision saying her ex-husband’s home was OK, she tried to purchase a gun from a person she noticed throughout the road to kill the ex-husband.

She failed to get the gun, however she stated she drove to the home to verify on her kids and grabbed a knife from the couple’s kitchen.

After her arrest, she was taken to the Flagler County jail, the place two days later she acquired in a battle with one other inmate. Gould was making an attempt to break a jail pill by hitting it towards the cell’s ceiling. She then threw it on the different inmate. She was charged with battery-detained individual.

Gould has quite a few arrests in Flagler County, together with in 2022 for battery on a legislation enforcement officer or EMT.

“Without regard for the safety of her children and other members of the household this deranged woman tried everything to kill or inflict physical harm on her former spouse,” stated Sheriff Rick Staly. “Let it go instead of risking going to prison. There is a reason you broke up. You need to accept it and understand acting like this is not good for your children or yourself. Hopefully she will take advantage of our many programs to learn how to effectively deal with her anger issues.”

This article initially appeared on The Daytona Beach News-Journal: Florida woman tried to stab ex-husband while he slept, police say

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