One Punch Man chapter 178: Tatsumaki vs Saitama ends in an uncommon cuddle


One Punch Man manga chapter 178 teases a model new showdown between Tatsumaki and Saitama that ends in an uncommon cuddle.

Despite now releasing on a bi-weekly basis, the One Punch Man manga assortment continues to draw in a whole bunch of hundreds of readers across the globe.

Today, the worldwide neighborhood is seeing the gathering sample on social media as manga readers in Japan digest the most recent installment, chapter 178.

Here is each factor that followers must know regarding the One Punch Man chapter 178 leaked translations, along with how a showdown between Tatsumaki and Saitama ends in a reasonably gorgeous cuddle.

Spoiler warning: This article will embrace spoilers for One Punch Man manga chapter 178.

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One Punch Man chapter 178 teases a model new showdown

As confirmed by manga illustrator Yusuke Murata on Twitter, One Punch Man chapter 178 was scheduled to launch domestically in Japan on Thursday, January 26 at midnight JST.

Whilst we’re nonetheless prepared for affirmation on the English launch date from Viz Media, the model new chapter has already been translated and shared on-line.

The latest One Punch Man manga chapter is titled ‘Do It Outside’ and opens with Air waking up on the native hospital mid-operation after he was defeated by a monster. Forte has moreover been admitted to the similar hospital the place Chain-Toad and Butterfly DX confirm on him.

Air is anxious about dropping his voice, nevertheless the docs make clear how they surgically enhanced him due to the intense accidents he sustained throughout the battle. Unfortunately, this solely offers to Forte’s concern who thinks he’s being ignored by everyone. He moreover begins to suppose that Saitama is a Psychic, identical to the powers possessed by Tatsumaki, because of he was hit from behind whereas standing in entrance of him.

Chain-Toad and Butterfly DX make clear that he was hit by a vehicle, together with that they requested him to not at all battle collectively together with his headphones on because of it impairs his senses. However, merely as Forte begins fascinated with a revenge match vs Saitama, Chain-Toad and Butterfly DX depart the hospital room to confirm why there could also be commotion throughout the Monsters Containment area.

Cut to Saitama, who’s being threatened with Tatsumaki’s psychic powers since he refused to let go of her hand after she knowledgeable him to depart her alone. Her annoyance builds and builds with each commerce until extremely efficient tremors shake all of the establishing. This is when Tatsumaki remembers Saitama as a result of the person who’s usually with Genos; she is then confused at why he was even opposing her throughout the first place.

Similarly, Saitama is getting an growing variety of irritated by Tatsumaki, so he asks Fubuki to take her Blizzard Group exterior the establishing as he plans on taking down Tatsumaki if she continues to refuse to cooperate.

Tatsumaki asks Saitama how he’s conscious of her sister Fubiko, to which Saitama explains that they’re acquaintances; an answer that every confuses and angers Tatsumaki. Becoming hysterical, Tatsumaki continues being unreasonable as she may see the desperation in Saitama’s actions in wanting to help Fubuki. She will improve the depth of her powers as quickly as as soon as extra which causes all of the flooring to twist spherical them.

Reaching his breaking degree, Saitama grabs keep of Tatsumaki and flies her exterior in order that she doesn’t set off any additional collateral harm. The chapter ends with a shocked (nevertheless not indignant) expression from Tatsumaki as she is pulled nearer to Saitama’s chest; eyes as giant as they might in all probability be.

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When does the next manga amount launch?

As of January 2023, a whole of 27 full Tankobon volumes of the One Punch Man manga have been printed in Japan.

The good news is that 24 of these volumes are already accessible to purchase for English readers.

Physical copies could possibly be acquired by the use of Amazon, Book Depository, Waterstones, and Bookshop.

Alternatively, digital variations will be purchased by the use of Google Play, Apple iBooks, Amazon Kindle, and Viz Media.

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