One-of-a-kind sentimental engagement ring lost in the mail in Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A New Orleans couple is asking for the public’s assist discovering a one-of-a-kind heirloom engagement ring lost in the mail.

Clarissa Mulloy and Victor Clark stated the diamond and sapphire gold ring was being shipped by FedEx to a Jewelry Store in San Antonio, Texas when it went lacking in Memphis.

“It was going back to the original jeweler because the band broke,” stated Mulloy. We despatched it out on the seventeenth of April, and the similar day, it made it to St. Rose, Louisiana. Then it went on to Memphis, and the similar day, they decided the bundle was broken.”

Mulloy stated two weeks later, FedEx informed them the bundle was open, and the contents have been gone. She stated the ring was rigorously wrapped, and he or she believes it was stolen.

“It was known that there was extra insurance on the package, and the jeweler’s address was on the package,” Mulloy stated. “There was evidence that there could be valuable items inside the package.”

Mulloy stated that they had $3,000 insurance coverage on the ring, however it’s value far more than that and is irreplaceable. She stated her fiance designed the vintage-looking ring with gem stones from each of their mom’s wedding ceremony bands.

“Because both of our dads are deceased, they were happy to donate them,” stated Mulloy. I like the ring a lot. It’s simply my favourite possession.”

Mulloy believes somebody at FedEx took the ring as a result of that they had it the entire time. She stated FedEx informed them their safety crew was wanting into the matter.

When requested about the bundle, FedEx launched the following assertion:

We sincerely apologize for this experience. We will continue reviewing the circumstances and work directly with Mr. Clark on this claim,”

Mulloy stated they filed police studies in Memphis and St. Rose, have contacted pawn retailers in each cities and have been scouring social media to see if anybody has seen the ring or tried to promote it.

The couple is providing a reward for the ring, no questions requested,

“We wouldn’t press charges at this point. I’m just hoping that this reaches enough people that maybe we will luck out, and someone will recognize it,” she stated. “It feels like such a big, heavy loss. Somebody else has it and it could be anywhere, and there’s no way to replace it.”

Mulloy is hoping FedEx conducts a radical investigation.

If something about the ring, you’ll be able to contact the police or electronic mail the couple at [email protected].

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