Olathe family asks for help after weekend fire

KANSAS, USA — A fire on Saturday displaced a family of six from their home in Olathe. In a video that can only be viewed on FOX4, a family can be seen desperately trying to save their lives by fleeing the place they previously called home. Magaly Rodriguez said the event was “unreal” and “shocking”, and was “like what do you mean our house is on fire”.

You can see the moments when the house the Rodriguez family has lived in for over a decade bursts into flames in the video. Members of this family can then be seen frantically fleeing for their lives in the upper right corner of the image. His neighbors immediately sprang into action, waking the family from their slumber to use their hose before firefighters arrived.

According to Kevin Morris, the Rodriguez’s neighbor, “We were shocked to see this happen, so we ran and tried to alert everyone.” “We were just shocked to see this happen,” “They’re the reason we’re still here. Magaly speculated that things might have turned out differently without them.

The family of six, along with their three pets, were able to escape the burning house in one piece. Now, however, comes the difficult part of the process, which is putting the pieces of their lives back together. It’s not just a challenge for the three youngest children in the Rodriguez family, who are 10, 11 and 16 respectively.

Their son, who is 19 and has severe autism, epilepsy and is non-verbal, has great difficulty communicating. The sensory area that was designed for him is beyond repair. To see him go through this ordeal with so much anguish. “The way he looks at me – the fact that he can’t sleep because he’s not home and he’s not in his room,” Magaly said.

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