Ohio State University alumnus Bethany Nadolson Columbus dies after battling cancer

Death of Bethany Nadolson – Alumnus of Ohio State University Bethany Nadolson of Columbus sadly passed away. She died on Tuesday May 23, 2023 following a long cancer. It was announced Monday, June 5 in a Facebook post that reads “Tuesday, May 23, 2023. The day we said goodbye. How wonderful to have you as a sister and best friend, but how great the void left by your loss. You’re the only person I’ve never had to explain myself to because you’ve been here all this time.”

Bethany Nadolson Education

During the years 2011-2016, she pursued a Bachelor of Science in Public Health at The Ohio State University. Her work experience includes a 3-month stint as an administrative assistant with The Righter Company, Inc. in Columbus from May to July 2010. She also worked as a store clerk at Abercrombie & Fitch between September 2010 and February 2011, and was a Hostess at Buffalo Wings & Rings for one year and two months from August 2010 to September 2011.

Later, she worked as a sales assistant at Worthington Jewelers, where she spent a year and six months from December 2011 to May 2013. Subsequently, she worked as a server at the Columbus Athenaeum for a year and eight months from June 2013 to January. 2015.

Bethany Nadolson Career

From 2015 to April 2017, she worked as a legal assistant at Manley Deas Kochalski, LLC. While there, she was responsible for drafting various legal documents, billing clients, and preparing affidavits. Additionally, she successfully managed communication with multiple entities such as clients, courts and county offices. She also ensured that all assigned cases were handled in accordance with company and client service level agreements. Subsequently, she worked as an assistant director of operations at Haiti Design Co-Op for a brief period from 2018 until March of the same year.

She worked as an Estimating Assistant at The Righter Company, Inc. Her responsibilities included designing and implementing a compliance tracking system for workforce diversity and inclusion. In addition, she conducted extensive research to obtain quotes for tenders and paid visits to tender sites to determine what materials would be needed for projects.

Bethany Nadolson’s obituary will be released by the family


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