NYU ‘student’ at anti-Israel protest praises North Korea for supporting Palestinians

A younger girl was filmed at a New York University anti-Israel protest over the weekend praising North Korea’s help for Palestinians and their “shared struggle” towards oppressors — with the “deranged” and “deluded” viral clip sparking fierce backlash on-line.

The footage, which was shared on X by the @thestustustudio account and has already been seen greater than 2 million instances — confirmed the unidentified girl giving an obvious “teach-in” Saturday about North Korea’s solidarity with Palestinians.

“They have always upheld the right of Palestinian people to self determination and resistance and this is beyond moral and rhetorical support,” stated the girl, who the unique poster recognized as a pupil, of North Korea — which has been dominated by a ruthless dicatorship for a long time.

“The DPRK [Democratic People’s Republic of Korea] has actively armed and trained Palestinian resistance for decades,” she continued, referencing a slew of teams together with the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

The footage, which was shared on X by the @thestustustudio account and has already been viewed more than 2 million times, sparked fierce backlash.
Online footage of a younger girl at an NYU protest praising North Korea for its help of Palestinians has already been seen greater than 2 million instances — and sparked fierce backlash.

“So while the US is here training the [Israel Occupation Forces] with police, North Korea is training Palestinian resistance forces.”

Elsewhere, the girl, who lined her face with a masks, declared that North Korea has “actually never recognized the state of Israel” — prompting a lone cheer from somebody watching on.

North Korea is at present dominated with an iron fist by Kim Jong-Un, its newest dictator who hails from a protracted line of household despots and is taken into account a harmful nut.

“Between Koreans and Palestinians, like, of course there’s this shared history of violence and repression, but more than that with a common oppressor, we have a shared struggle and we have a shared history of resistance — and that is like what mostly connects Koreans with Palestinians and the Palestinian struggles,” the anti-Israel protester stated.

“This is proof our current movement for Palestine cannot stop at a ceasefire. Like, Korea shows us that a ceasefire is not enough. The US is still at war against North Korea and so we see that in both of these situations we have to go above ceasefire for the liberation of the people,” the girl stated.

Protesters chant slogans and hold placards and flags during a demonstration march through NYU.
Protesters chant slogans and maintain placards and flags throughout an indication march by NYU final week.

The string of clips prompted fast outrage — with many ripping the girl’s reward of North Korea as “deranged thinking.

“’North Korea is better than the United States because they train Palestinian terrorists’ says the NYU student,” GOP Queens Councilwoman Vickie Paladino tweeted. “Any educational institution that produces this kind of deranged thinking should be completely dismantled. These are not the good guys.”

Tina Forte, a Republican campaigning towards Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for New York’s 14th Congressional District, additionally chimed in, tweeting, “Wow. Real shocker here to see the Pro-Hamas crowd applauding North Korea. Perhaps they should move to North Korea to experience first hand how wonderful it is! #EnjoyNorthKorea.”

New York Post columnist Piers Morgan bluntly declared, “So dumb … so deluded.”

Veteran UK journalist Andrew Neil added, “The stupidity of the brainwashed knows no bounds. But I thank her for confirming that one Hamas’s foremost allies is the most repressive, basket case dictatorship in the world. By their friends shall ye know them.”

One individual raged, “Yes, it has now come to this: at NYU, they are glorifying the regime of North Korea.” whereas one other wrote, “If you’ve already made the moral leap of supporting Hamas, why wouldn’t you celebrate the great revolutionary courage of those noble comrades in North Korea?”

The Post reached out to NYU concerning the footage Monday however didn’t hear again instantly.

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