NYC couple’s ‘great’ first date interrupted by carjacking as Romeo joins cops in high-speed chase for $150K BMW: ‘Found those motherf—kers’

This wasn’t fairly the motion he hoped for on a first date.

A Queens Romeo and his date wound up with weapons in their faces throughout a violent carjacking — earlier than he joined cops in a wild chase of his $150,000 BMW, “Grand Theft Auto” fashion.

“It felt like I was in GTA man,” 23-year-old Joseph Sadykov informed The Post. “I was literally NYPD for one night. I was searching and hunting and we found those motherf–kers, man.”

Joseph Sadykov's BMW M5 Competition, which cost him $150,000, was left sideways on the Maj. Deegan Expressway
Joseph Sadykov’s BMW M5 Competition, which value him $150,000, was left sideways on the Maj. Deegan Expressway Obtained by the NY Post

Sadykov and a woman pal had simply wrapped up a “great date” at a “hot spot” Midtown restaurant Tuesday when he stated they determined to take “a little nap” in the again of his BMW to sleep off some drinks earlier than heading house however a trio of thieves interrupted the sleepy couple at round 3 a.m.

“I was doing the right thing, but it backfired on me because I didn’t lock the doors.” Sadykov stated. “I woke up to being dragged out of the car by my sweater. Imagine you wake up to being dragged out of your car by your sweater.”

The goons caught a pistol in his face demanding he fork over the 1000’s of {dollars} in jewellery he’d placed on for the large night time out, he stated.

“I was on my knees when I got pistol-whipped in the head, in the back of the head twice and top of the head once,” he stated. “I’m a big boy but yeah, I got some bumps on my head.”

Meanwhile, his date break up fleeing to a close-by bakery to name her dad for rescue, breaking just a few nails in the scuffle as Sadykov tried to fend for himself.

He complied and handed over the bling a necklace value $8,000 and a bracelet value $7,000 writing off the loss in his head as chump change, he stated.

Police at the scene where Joseph Sadykov's stolen BMW was recovered in the Bronx, taken at night from the front of the car
A glance contained in the squad automotive after the high-speed chase.

“I did that today and barely broke a sweat,” stated Sadykov, a money advance and time period loans dealer however the thieves upped the ante after they climbed into his mega-expensive M5 Competition he claims is value practically $150,000.

“I thought they were going to drive off in the piece of s–t car they came in and that’s it, my night is good, but that’s not how it worked out,” he stated. “Then one guy jumped in my car. At that point I was like ‘OK, now this is for real.’

“That got me pissed. I charged at him and started punching the f–k out of him, I was trying to destroy him and get him out,” Sadykov stated. “He kept saying ‘I’ll shoot man, I’ll shoot you, I’ll shoot you’. I didn’t really give a f–k at that point, I just said ‘Go ahead then, go ahead.’

“At that point it was one versus one, not one versus three, and he knew I was overpowering him, so what did he do? He called his boy who was in the hooptie car for backup. His boy came out of that car, the one they arrived in, and they overpower me.”

Two of the officers who helped Sadykov chase down his car. He was left with a new appreciation for the NYPD
Two of the officers who helped Sadykov chase down his automotive. He was left with a brand new appreciation for the NYPD. obtained by NY Post

“In order to avoid me chasing them, what do they do? They take my car,” Sadykov stated, explaining his attackers had been all sporting ski masks and talking to one another in Spanish.

But the expensive trip was outfitted with a GPS monitoring system linked straight to an app on his cellphone that the thieves did not swipe.

“I told a police officer right away, I said ‘These guys who stole my car are heading to the Bronx, let’s go.’ I was in the back of the cop car. The cop jumped on to the highway straight away, chasing them like his car had been stolen.”

The chase led them to the Major Deegan Expressway and shortly allegedly concerned a large police response, he stated. When the criminal in the BMW noticed he was corned, he tried to make a U-turn into site visitors however stopped and bailed out of the automotive as an alternative, in keeping with Sadykov.

“He bounced,” Sadykov stated. “When I saw him start running, guess what I did? Me and the cops all started running after him.

“But man, when your freedom’s on the line, you become like Super Saiyan fast,” stated Sadykov, referring to a Dragon Ball Z character. “He turned like Usain Bolt and he bolted. He bolted. I used to be going quick bro, I’m a quick runner too, so for him to beat me? I used to be like ‘Holy s–t.’

“The man went over like an eight-foot fence, on the finish of the freeway, loopy s–t. He goes over the fence and the cop was like ‘Man, I have like 40 pounds of equipment on, I can’t recover from that fence.’ I’m like ‘Man, why do they even hire fat cops?’”

Sei Less, the "hot spot" Asian fusion restaurant in midtown where Sadykov took his date on Tuesday night
Sei Less, the “hot spot” Asian fusion restaurant in Midtown where Sadykov took his date on Tuesday night Robert Miller

Despite the criminal getting away and Sadykov now believing the NYPD should put a 200-pound weight limit on officers to keep up with fast-running perps he said he was left with a new appreciation for New York’s Finest.

“I figured these guys were schmucks, but the two cops I was with the whole time, those two officers really, really took it upon themselves to make sure we got that s–t done,” he stated, having solely dangerous phrases for “dumbasses” who robbed him.

“New York is a s–thole, man. It’s a s–thole. Filled with scum of the earth wannabes who want to take shortcuts and feed off other people who work hard,” he stated, estimating the crooks will most likely stroll away with solely a pair thousand {dollars} every after they divvy up their loot.

“They had to commit a robbery, assault somebody, do a GTA, run on the highway, and do some crazy s–t to get away from a roadblock with eight police cars and two helicopters. You gotta be a dumbass to do all that and walk away with three or four grand.

“New York’s getting worse because people are getting hungry, so they’re trying to cut more corners.”

As for Sadykov, he’s assured he’ll be getting a second date, perhaps as early as Thursday.

“The girl’s a trooper,” he stated. “She’s banged up, but I sent her some money to get her nails fixed.”

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