NYC Council’s secret ‘woke’ wish list for Albany politicians revealed — including bill that could free killers when they reach 55

The New York City Council’s far-left majority plans to push Albany pols to move a slew of super-woke measures – including payments that could assist free killers when they reach age 55, permit felons to vote in jail and stymie federal immigration enforcement.

The leftist Dems lately ironed out a “confidential” wish list that would make Lenin proud — 30 payments at present earlier than the state Legislature that they are lobbying lawmakers to move and Gov. Kathy Hochul to signal into legislation, based on a replica obtained by The Post.

“The City Council is out of touch with the needs of their constituents, disregarding critical public safety concerns,” stated a centrist Democratic lawmaker briefed on the list.

“They are irresponsibly focused on releasing more prisoners, imposing unfunded mandates that only enrich nonprofits, and protecting illegal immigrants at the expense of legal taxpayers. This is bad governance.”

Julia Salazar
Among the payments being backed by the NYC Council’s progressive Democratic majority are three items of laws sponsored by state Sen. Julia Salazar, a Brooklyn Democratic socialist. William Farrington

Council spokesperson Julia Agos stated the confidential doc was circulated to council members to “gather input.”

Agos added it’s “unfortunate that any member would rather leak a draft and complain, rather than engage in the good faith collaboration required of a legislator.”

Here’s 10 of the measures:

1. Elder Parole Bill

Sponsors: Assemblywoman Maritza Davila (D-Brooklyn) and Sen. Brad Hoylman-Sigal (D-Manhattan)

Guarantees automated parole listening to for prisoners over 55 who’ve served 15 or extra years, even when they’re convicted murderers.

There’s roughly 9,000 New Yorkers serving life behind bars.

“We no longer have the death penalty here in New York, but the new death sentence is death-by-incarceration,” said Hoylman-Sigal in February 2023 whereas selling the bill.

2. Fair and Timely Parole Act

NYC Council
The City Council’s far-left majority drafted a “confidential” wish list of 30 payments earlier than state legislators in Albany that it plans to foyer arduous for them to move. Gregory P. Mango

Sponsors:  Assemblyman David Weprin (D-Queens) and Sen. Julia Salazar (D-Brooklyn)

Prohibits the state parole board from counting on previous legal information — regardless of now unhealthy — to disclaim early launch.

Decisions could be made primarily based on whether or not detainees can show they aren’t at “risk” of breaking legal guidelines whereas on parole.

3. Universal Voting Bill

Sponsors:  Assemblyman Harvey Epstein (D-Manhattan) and Sen. Julia Salazar (D-Brooklyn)

Allows convicted felons to vote in jail. Supporters say the present guidelines disenfranchise tens of thousands of New Yorkers behind bars, however opponents have stated it’s a ploy to increase Democratic voting rolls.

4. Gender Identity Respect and Safety Act

Sponsors: Assemblywoman Nily Rozic (D-Queens) and Sen. Julia Salazar (D-Brooklyn)

Allows inmates to decide on a male or feminine jail primarily based on the gender they establish with – not their organic intercourse.

5. New Yorkers for All Act

Sponsors: Assemblywoman Karines Reyes (D-Bronx) and Sen. Andrew Gounardes (D-Brooklyn)

Prohibits state and native governments from imposing federal immigration legal guidelines and aiding immigration authorities. As a “sanctuary” state, New York already has some legal guidelines limiting the help native cops and authorities may give to the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement company, including prohibiting ICE from making arrests at courthouses.

6.(*55*) and Accountability in Charter Schools Bill

Sponsors:  Assemblyman Michael Benedetto (D-Bronx) and Sen. Brad Hoylman-Sigal (D-Manhattan)

Brad Hoylman-Sigal
State Sen. Brad Hoylman-Sigal (D-Manhattan), who will get loads of marketing campaign funding from the state’s and metropolis’s lecturers unions, sponsored a bill each unions again. Erik Thomas/NY Post

Requires New York constitution colleges to “prove” monetary must qualify for taxpayer help and caps pay for prime constitution faculty execs under $200,000.

This is a part of an anti-charter faculty agenda pushed by the state’s lecturers union, which donated greater than $400,000 since 2017 to Democratic legislators, including $47,200 to Hoylman-Sigal, The Post reported final 12 months.

Charter colleges sometimes outperform their public faculty friends.

7.AANHPI Community History Bill

Sponsors: Assemblywoman Grace Lee (D-Manhattan) and Sen. John Liu (D-Queens)

Requires Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander historical past be included in all New York colleges’ social research curriculum.

Jessica Ramos
State Sen. Jessica Ramos (D-Queens) sponsored a bill backed by the NYC Council that would forestall staff from utilizing the feds’ E-Verify system to test immigration standing of potential staffers. AP

8.Employee Privacy Act

Sponsors: Assemblyman Kenny Burgos (D-Bronx) and Sen. Jessica Ramos (D-Queens)

Prohibits employers from utilizing the federal authorities’s E-Verify system to test immigration standing of potential employees and whether or not they’re eligible to work within the United States.

9. Bill to Protect Minors Interrogated by Police

Sponsors: Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi (D-Queens) and Sen. Jamaal Bailey (D-Bronx)

Mandates minors arrested for crimes be consulted by attorneys earlier than being interrogated by cops and that each effort be made to contact their mother and father or guardians.

10. Treatment Not Jail Act

Sponsors: Assemblywoman Phara Souffrant Forrest (D-Brooklyn) and Sen. Jessica Ramos (D-Queens)

The bill seeks to decrease the jail inhabitants on Rikers Island by increasing standards for convicts to be freed and put in “mental health diversion programs” — somewhat than being off the streets and in jail. 

It would require every county to have particular psychological well being courts and ship fewer associated instances to legal courtroom. 

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