NY Assembly Dems block ‘common sense’ attempt to reverse migrant sanctuary laws

Albany Democrats on Tuesday successfully killed “Laken’s Law,’’ a bill that would have forced New York authorities to notify federal immigration officials when they arrest migrants.

The proposed legislation – named after the University of Georgia student allegedly killed by a migrant earlier this year — was all but dead on arrival in the lefty-controlled state assembly. But Republicans tried a procedural maneuver Tuesday to at least force Democrats to consider the bill in the chamber’s Codes Committee.

The proposal was swiftly tabled — with little likelihood of being brought up before lawmakers leave Albany in a few weeks, essentially killing it.

Assembly Democrats effectively killed a bill Tuesday requiring law enforcement agencies to cooperate with ICE. AP

The bill would require local law enforcement to send arrest records and fingerprints to Immigration and Customs Enforcement whenever the New York authorities arrest a non-citizen.

Riley’s accused killer entered the country illegally, claimed asylum, then failed to appear in US court on a later shoplifting charge. He ended up being busted on a felony in New York City for allegedly endangering his 5-year-old stepson. He was then freed before ICE could try to stop his release and went on to allegedly kill the nursing student.

Assemblyman Jarrett Gandolfo (R-Long Island) introduced the bill earlier this year after a group of migrants were arrested over a brawl with two cops in Times Square, then freed before ICE could be notified.

“Laken’s Law is common-sense legislation which would protect New Yorkers and ensure criminal migrants are held accountable,” stated Jarrett Gandolfo (R-Long Island), the invoice’s sponsor, in an announcement.

“Because of today’s vote, New York will remain a preferred destination of people illegally crossing our southern border, especially those who intend to commit crimes,” he stated.

Gandolfo and Republicans hoped the legislation would counteract so-called “Sanctuary City” insurance policies adopted by the Big Apple and another Democrat-led municipalities that assist shield migrants by limiting the cooperation between native and federal authorities when it comes to immigration legislation.

But Codes Committee Chairman Jeffrey Dinowitz (D-Bronx) stated in Tuesday’s assembly, “New York has held the position of protecting those who are coming to this country for a better life and to protect against aggressive immigration enforcement.

migrant in court
Several of the migrants allegedly involved in an attack on cops in Times Square in January were arrested. Steven Hirsch

“This bill requires notification to ICE for somebody who’s accused – accused – of an offense which would result in their deportation and not everybody supports that,” he continued.

Assembly Minority Leader William Barclay (R-Oswego) fired again in an announcement to the Post, “Today’s vote shows New York Democrats are far more interested in protecting their ‘sanctuary’ policies than protecting the rest of us.”

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