Noela Rukundo Death News: Is she dead or alive? Hoax Explained

News about Noela Rukundo’s death is trending online. What happened to the woman who is widely known to have arranged her own funeral?

Noela Rukundo is an Australian-Burundian woman who rose to fame after holding her own funeral after her husband, Batenga Kalala, allegedly hired numerous hitmen to kidnap and murder her.

In January 2015, Rukundo traveled to her home country, Burundi. But she was kidnapped by the men who hired her Kalala. However, they freed Noela without killing her.

Besides that, the men also proved her evidence against her husband for his plans to kill her. Unaware of Noela Rukundo’s survival, her husband held her funeral in February 2015, telling attendees that Noela had died in a tragic accident.

Noela’s husband was later arrested and charged for his wrongdoings. Recently, news about Rukundo’s death has only been trending. Find out what happened to her and if she is alive or not.

Noela Rukundo Death News: Is she dead or alive? Hoax Explained

Noela Rukundo is still alive and well. At least no credible media reported his death. So his death news is just a hoax and another string in the long chain of fake news about the deaths of popular figures.

As mentioned above, Rukundo gained insane fame and recognition after holding his own funeral.

News of the Burundian-Australian woman’s death may have circulated as her case was again shared on various social media platforms. Knowing about his shocking case, people seem to have wondered about his current whereabouts.

The woman’s story has gone viral several times on different platforms.

Although there are few details of her current whereabouts, she is alive and should be well. Due to her unusual case, Noela has drawn international attention from media and people.

As a result, prestigious media would cover even minor issues about him.

Nevertheless, Noela Rukundo is still alive. Hope she is healthy.

What happened to Noela Rukundo?

Noela Rukundo, who lived in Melbourne, Australia, with her family, traveled to her native Burundi in January 2015 to attend her mother-in-law’s funeral.

But she had no idea she would be attending her own funeral when she returned home a month later. What happened during that month still haunts her.

Noela Rukundo’s wife, Balenga Kalala, allegedly paid $7,000 to a group of hitmen to kidnap and kill her after they wrongly suspected her of infidelity.

At her mother-in-law’s funeral, Noela called Kalala, who suggested she go outside and get some fresh air. Immediately after leaving, Noela was threatened at gunpoint and forced into a car.

The armed men took her to a rural warehouse and tied her to a chair. There

At that point, a fourth man came forward and admitted that Kalala had given them orders to kill her, but they would not execute her because they knew Noela’s brother and would not kill women and girls. ‘children.

When the woman did not believe the kidnappers, they called Kalala to prove that her husband had tried to have her killed. He said he wanted her dead during the roll call, causing Rukundo to pass out.

The gunmen then agreed to Rukundo helping him. They kept Kalala’s money and said they killed Noela.

On February 19, the kidnappers released Rukundo off the street with a bag full of evidence to incriminate her husband.

Balenga Kalala was subsequently arrested and charged. Following this, he was found guilty and sentenced to nine years in prison. As of 2022, Kalala is eligible for parole.

The 2021 film Death Saved My Life, starring Meagan Good, is based on the story by Noela Rukundo.

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