Noel Guilfoyle Rip: Missing Person Found Dead

Noel Guilfoyle Rip: Following the discovery of a dead body, the search for Offaly’s missing man, Noel Guilfoyle, has been halted.

The 45-year-old man disappeared on June 6. Guilfoyle was last seen at his residence in Tullamore, Offaly. Since the day he disappeared, Noel’s family and authorities have been searching for him relentlessly.

The search for the missing man has been put on hold as police found a body on Saturday in Galway.

Noel’s family, friends and loved one must be devastated. They haven’t accepted the news yet. Before the search was halted, the missing man’s wife shared a lengthy note with heartbreaking messages.

At the same time, several questions swirl around the circumstances of Noel Guilfoyle’s disappearance. Let’s explore the case of Offaly’s man in more detail.

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Noel Guilfoyle Rip: Missing Person Found Dead

45-year-old Offaly resident Noel Guilfoyle disappeared from his Tullamore home on Tuesday. Police officers discovered the body of a man on Saturday June 10 and canceled the search for Noel.

Authorities had requested information that might have helped them locate Noel. After Gardai found a body in Galway, the search for Offaly’s man was halted.

In a statement released on Saturday evening, the Garda spokesperson said that following the discovery of the body of a man in County Galway on June 10, 2023 (Saturday), the missing person appeal for Christmas Guilfoyle was cancelled.

An Garda Síochána thanked the media and the public for their help.

On Thursday, Garda appealed for information to help locate Noel, saying “Garda and Noel’s family are concerned for his well-being”, along with details of Noel and where he was last seen .

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Noel Guilfoyle marries Chantelle Guilfoyle’s heartbreaking message

Noel Guilfoyle’s wife, Chantelle, shared a heartbreaking message to him on social media on Friday as the search was still ongoing.

The worried spouse wrote that Noel’s loved ones were waiting for him with open arms. They’re just waiting for him to come into the house.

“We always have you, love you and will always cherish you with all our heart and soul,” Chantelle added. She further praised Noel as the best husband, father, son, brother, nephew, colleague and friend in the world before saying she might be slightly biased, but not much.

Chantelle further stated that the outpouring of love from the people around them (her and Noel) was like a huge rainbow of humanity and hope that kept all of Noel’s loved ones with him.

The devastated wife wanted her then-departed spouse to listen deeply and feel like he was wrapped around him.

“You are my best friend, my forever person. I need you to walk our path together more than ever,” Chantelle added before saying she doesn’t want to walk without her husband.

The official report or statement has yet to be released confirming that the body discovered in Galway belongs to Mr Guilfoyle. But many people expressed their condolences to Noel’s family.

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