Nicki Minaj must pay tuition for 14-year-old boy who killed man in attack on his mom

Nicki Minaj is helping a 14-year-old boy after he shot and killed a grown man who attacked his mom.

The 40-year-old rapper was apparently moved by the investigation into the holdup, which took place at a fast-food restaurant in Chicago earlier this month.

Charlie Hood was captured on cellphone as 32-year-old Jeremy Brown repeatedly punched her in the head before her teenage son entered the facility and shot Brown multiple times, killing him.

Minaj, who was accused of stealing the musician’s beat on her 2014 song I Lied earlier this month, defended the teenager and his mom in a text message shared to her Instagram Stories on Tuesday.

Schlager defended the 14-year-old who killed the gunman, saying she would be happy to help pay for him to attend school sooner rather than later.

Helping hand: Nicki Minaj, 40, has stepped in to help pay part of a 14-year-old girl’s school fees after she captured and killed a man who repeatedly punched his mother during an argument earlier this month. fine dining restaurant in Chicago; seen in 2019 in New York

Inspired: Minaj wrote that the boy was a “real hero” and praised God that his mother, Charlize Hood, had a firearm for her son to access.

“That 14 year old boy who was behind that hammer when that adult** hit his mother in the face like a MAN; is a true hero,” she wrote. “If he wants to go to university, I will be happy to help. This is what EVERY son should have done for his MOTHER.

“She raised a drug kid and she should be so proud. God knew it too, she knew it; she was going to be attacked that day and made sure they had DEK protection. God is good.’

Prosecutors initially charged Hood and her son with murder, as well as a second charge against the mother with complicity in the delinquency of a minor.

Prosecutors later dropped charges against Huda, who had no criminal record, and her son after new cellphone video evidence surfaced.

Earlier security camera footage showed the teenager shooting in both the restaurant and the parking lot.

However, recently shared footage from inside the restaurant appeared to show what sparked the attack.

Hood was seen arguing with Brown in the diner line when he repeatedly punched her in the head, possibly at the instigation of his girlfriend, although it is unclear what exactly prompted the attack.

The new footage appeared to make it clear that the shooting was in response to the attack.

Prior to her release, prosecutors alleged that Hood sent her son a text message asking him to come to the restaurant after the argument began, and alleged that she told her son to continue shooting at Brown and kill him even after he had already done so. shot and incapacitated, according to NBC 5 Chicago.

They also claimed she tried to take the gun from her son before he pushed her away.

It’s unclear whether prosecutors are still sticking to those details.

The Cook County District Attorney’s Office said it plans to drop the case “in light of new evidence.”

To be clear, Hooda (pictured) and her son were charged with murder, but prosecutors dropped the charges on Monday after surveillance footage was released showing Jeremy Brown, 32, repeatedly punching her in the head before being caught.

Giving back: Minaj previously paid tuition and bills for new college students in 2017 and 2018; seen in August 2022 in Newark, New Jersey

“Based on the facts, evidence and law, we cannot meet our burden of proof in bringing these cases,” the prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

Minaj previously paid tuition for some of her Twitter followers in 2017, and she or he got it even more by creating the Student of the Game school fund program in 2018.

She chose 37 winners, who later over 12 months tweeted along with the foundation’s hashtag how much money they’d like, usually agreeing to pay each for tuition and an extra amount for books and housing bills.

However, it is unclear whether the Super Bass singer has continued to pay tuition for subsequent teams of scientists.

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