New pizza box recycling bin debuts at Central Park in fight against rats

Rats be warned — it’s gonna be more durable to nibble on that leftover pizza crust.

The Central Park Conservancy has arrange a brand new recycling bin close to the Great Lawn specifically designed to accommodate discarded pizza bins, a pilot program meant to chop down on pesky rodents.

“The traditional circular waste bins are simply not designed to accommodate the boxes, leading to jammed cans that can attract rodents,” conservancy spokeswoman Kat Brady advised NBC News.

“On a warm busy day, the conservancy can remove more than 100 boxes in this area of the park alone.”

The green-colored bin is a part of a pilot program launched by the conservancy, the outlet reported.

Central Park Conservancy's new pizza box bins.
The Central Park Conservancy’s new pizza box recycling bin is designed to chop down on pesky rats at the park. Central Park Conservancy

The bin debuted simply at some point after Mayor Eric Adams introduced the first “National Urban Rat Summit,” scheduled for September to deal with “best practices on rodent mitigation.”

“New Yorkers may not know this about me — but I hate rats and I’m confident most of our city’s residents do as well,” Adams mentioned in a press release Wednesday. “With rat sightings down nearly 14% in our city’s Rat Mitigation Zones year over year, we continue to make progress but we’re not stopping there.

“The best way to defeat our enemy is to know our enemy,” he added.

City officers additionally mentioned the parks division is “implementing a robust approach” to the infestation.

Pizza box recycling bins.
Why match a sq. box in a spherical bin? New pizza box recycling bins are designed to simply stash the clunky bins. X / @RogerClark41
Easy-use pizza box bin.
The new pizza bins, a pilot program by the Central Park Conservancy, can be expanded if profitable, officers mentioned. X / @RogerClark41

The Central Park Conservancy’s initiative is anticipated to assist.

The pizza box bin can be expanded all through the park if it proves profitable, officers there mentioned.

The conservancy didn’t instantly reply to a request for remark from The Post.

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