New Orleans barbecue chef Demietriek Scott found alive after being pronounced dead

A police spokesperson confirmed to McClatchy News that officers responded to an “unclassified death” on France Road on Monday. This information was provided by the police spokesperson. According to reports from local publications, a New Orleans chef who was thought to be dead is actually alive and well. According to WGNO, which cited New Orleans police as a source, a report was submitted on June 10.

According to WGNO and WVUE, Demietriek Scott, 47, was found safe and sound on Monday, June 12, after being missing for about two weeks. At first, his body was thought to be the one found in the city’s Ninth Ward. After driving to the residence he shares with his family, Scott called WVUE and said, “I’ve been around.” “I’ve been around. Basically all I needed was some time to spend on my own.

According to WWL-TV, although a relative of Scott verified that the remains were his, further investigation revealed that they belonged to another person. According to the coroner’s office, which spoke to McClatchy News, the identification of the person “remains under investigation.” The person who reported him to authorities said they had not seen or heard from Scott in the past two weeks.

According to information provided on his website, Scott operates both a food truck and a restaurant business in addition to being well known for his Creole BBQ. The neighborhood cook is also the creator of a collection of unique sauces and rubs. According to WWL-TV, family members said he was to be a salesman at the Zydeco Fest which took place over the weekend, but were told he never showed up. The investigation into the deceased is still ongoing, according to police, but they have not revealed any further information regarding the deceased.

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