Netanyahu tells Dr. Phil most leaders agree with destroying Hamas, then ‘fray’ over protests

WASHINGTON – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has known as out two-faced world leaders who privately agree with him that Hamas should be smashed earlier than backing down within the face of widespread pro-terror protests.

Asked by writer and longtime TV host “Dr. Phil” McGraw Thursday whether or not he had ever spoken with a head of state who “does not agree that Hamas has to be taken down,” Netanyahu responded that “many of them agree with it privately.

“And then when they’re faced with the, you know, the pressure of all this propaganda – all this madness in the [college] campuses and the various capitals of the West – they begin to fray, some of them,” he added.

“But I don’t fray, I have to do what we have to do to protect ourselves and to make sure that these atrocities are not repeated.”

A Dr. Phil EXCLUSIVE: A one hour interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, unedited, commercial-free from Israel, at maybe the most crucial time within the battle. X/@DrPhil

Netanyahu didn’t point out any leaders by identify, however the interview was recorded sooner or later after President Biden confirmed he had “paused” a cargo of two,000-pound bombs ready for Israel in disapproval of the best way Netanyahu has deliberate to invade Rafah, Hamas’ final Gaza Strip holdout the place roughly a million civilians are sheltering.

McGraw, who ended his common speak present in May 2023 after 21 years, mentioned he traveled to Jerusalem to interview Netanyahu after turning into pissed off with a shift in public sentiment and media protection of Israel since Hamas’ brutal assault on Oct. 7, during which an estimated 1,200 folks had been slaughtered, together with 33 Americans.

“It is stunning to me how short the memory is for what happened that day in the media in terms of what’s going on. And I want to change that,” McGraw advised the prime minister. “I want to remind people, and I don’t want to be sensationalistic about it, but I want to remind people the brutality of what happened that day.”

TV’s Phil “Dr. Phil” McGraw interviewed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the world’s response to the Hamas assault on Oct. 7.

Netanyahu obliged, spending a lot of the interview describing “savagery on an unimaginable scale” by the jihadists.

“These monsters, when they came into the homes, one of the mothers wanted to hide their children like Anne Frank in the attic,” he recounted. “So there was a secret attic and these savages came in, killed the parents, found the latch where two little children were hiding with terror in their eyes. And they came in and they slaughtered them.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sat with Dr. Phil for a one hour interview, which aired May 9.

Turning to the aftermath, Netanyahu likened his authorities’s response to that of the US after it was attacked on 9/11 and at Pearl Harbor.

“I asked world leaders, what would you do? Let me ask you, what would America do, Dr. Phil?” he mentioned. “We know what you did after Pearl Harbor, right? We know what you did after 9/11. And we know that you took action because you had to to roll back this kind of attack on you.”

The interview additionally was recorded after a number of universities throughout the nation have been disrupted by giant scholar protests, forcing the cancellation of occasions, courses and graduations.

“I’ve been very outspoken about what’s happened on these campuses. I’m shocked, I say it’s just, they’re fostering intellectual rot,” McGraw mentioned. “They are not teaching critical thinking among these young people.”

Dr. Phil
A Dr. Phil EXCLUSIVE: A one hour interview with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, unedited, commercial-free from Israel, at maybe the most crucial time within the battle. X/@DrPhil

He then requested Netanyahu how he would reply to those that “characterize what Hamas did as resistance, not as an invasion?”

“Well, Hamas openly declares its goal to wipe out everything you see around here. To kill every man, woman, child in Israel, to destroy the state,” Netanyahu replied. “That’s not resistance. That’s naked, brutal aggression.”

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