NBC Dateline: How did detectives resolve Cathy Krauseneck’s case after 4 many years?


Cathy Krauseneck was found ineffective with a hatchet in her ideas at her Brighton home on February 19, 1982. A really very long time after the homicide, her larger half, James Krauseneck, was captured for second-degree murder and was tracked down liable remaining September.

Introductory opinions depicted the incidence as a tousled thievery, expressing that quite a lot of’s three-year-old woman was obtainable when her mom was killed. Be that as it would, inferable from an absence of accessible proof and suspects at the moment, the case in the long run went chilly and remained so into the indefinite future.


In 2015, specialists, alongside the FBI and large establish scientific pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, took a “new look” on the perplexing case. Specialists rethought the course of events, which demonstrated that James was at home on the hour of the homicide. He at first let cops know that he left for work early and easily purchased once more at night to hint down Cathy ineffective.

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On the day the homicide occurred, James Krauseneck detailed that he had pretty simply currently gotten once more from work and positioned his 29-year-old associate ineffective of their room with a hatchet implanted in her skull. Sara, their three-year-old little woman, was tracked down safe in her room at their upstate New York home.

Experts in Brighton have been perplexed by the gorgeous revelation and expert factors discovering a suspect in Cathy Krauseneck’s homicide. Named the “Brighton Hatchet Murder,” the case went chilly all by way of the years as a result of an absence of proof. Specialists accepted the killing was the outcomes of a bungled thievery until 2015, when the FBI and prestigious scientific pathologist Dr. Michael Baden reached out.

Specialists captured James in 2019 on doubt of killing his larger half, organizing the crime location to set off it to seem like a tousled burglary, and afterward going to work, abandoning his woman throughout the Del Rio Commute home. Krauseneck, a earlier Eastman Kodak financial educated who exited graduate faculty, was finally thought of as at fault for second-degree murder in September 2022.

Krauseneck purportedly killed his larger half of their home with a solitary strike, utilizing the hatchet he took from their carport and hitting Cathy on the rear of her head. Besides, there was allegedly no totally different DNA found on the scene to indicate that one different assailant had gone into the house.

On the day his larger half was killed, 30-year-old James instructed specialists he had left for work at Eastman Kodak at spherical 6.30 am. He was at first cleared in light of the reality {that a} medical inspector confirmed that Cathy’s season of demise was someplace throughout the fluctuate of 6.55 and eight.55 that morning.

(*4*) of Cathy Krauseneck’s case FBI and Dr. Michael Baden’s assist prompted a seize a number of years after the actual fact

At the aim when Cathy Krauseneck’s case was reevaluated in 2015 by analysts working with the FBI and Michael Baden, it was found that her inside heat stage actually helpful that she was killed whereas her necessary totally different was presently at home.

As per RochesterFirst.com, Dr. Michael Baden expressed that her demise occurred earlier than what the first medical analyst’s report demonstrated as a result of to some extent processed meals in her stomach and physique firmness.

The earlier medical inspector likewise well-known physique solidness, ceaselessly often known as “Meticulousness Mortis.” Baden further assured that Thoroughness Mortis doesn’t create until at the very least 12 hours after an individual has died. This, in his view, would counsel that Cathy was killed usually between 9 o’clock the prior night and three or 4 o’clock the following morning, which implied that she died sooner than James left for work.

The FBI likewise utilized state-of-the-art DNA testing on criminological proof gathered from the crime location and positioned various the associate’s DNA.

Investigators furthermore found that James not at all accomplished his doctorate nonetheless found the way in which to teach at Lynchburg School and uncover safe work at Eastman Kodak, considering that the two jobs relied upon the diploma. They accepted that his distorted diploma was a motive for rubbing between the two. Specialists likewise found a marriage mentoring leaflet contained within the family’s car.

James Krauseneck was given a finest sentence of 25 years to life in jail for the 1982 homicide of Cathy Krauseneck.

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