My neighbor refused to fix our attached fence so I did it myself and got a side of revenge

A MAN has managed to get revenge on his neighbor after he refuses to fix the adjoining fence.

The TikTok user known as ‘The Desi Chef’ took to the social media site to tell his 16,000 followers how he did it in a post titled ‘I have the worst neighbors in the world. world”.

He wrote: “When you have the worst neighbors. His fence broke into my garden. She refused to fix it.

“I showed her the building permit and she didn’t agree. So I went to paint her garden furniture.

In another caption, he added: ‘Did it myself for £16.99 and my builder quoted £800.’

After a quick tour of his overgrown garden, The Desi Chef is next seen spray painting the fence.

At the end of the short clip, he writes, “Me: Painting his furniture with overspray” and adds three laughing emojis.

Overspray is caused by the mist created when spray painting a surface.

The footage obviously hit a nerve with many as it has now been viewed around 383,500 times, racking up some 7,300 likes and over 300 comments.

Numerous comments online supported the TikToker for its actions, although not everyone agreed.

One person wrote: “I love this kind of behavior. It’s so allowed!!

Another said: ‘My neighbor did this, it was a mess. They weren’t fixing so we had to. A week later they remove the rest to match what I put in.

A third: “I understand that you want a nice garden and a fence. Well done.”

Others speculated that the neighbor simply couldn’t afford to get the fence fixed.

In a response to a commenter, he wrote: ‘She clearly did…because she had her bathroom done next.’

Elsewhere, a man who was so fed up with his annoying neighbors he built a fence over his own garden fence to block them off.

In another dispute over a garden fence, a neighbor decided to get revenge on the couple next door who complained about their fence.

A legal expert also revealed how you can easily find out who owns your garden fence and who is responsible for it.


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