Mrs. Jacky Oh Family: father, mother, brothers and sisters

TMZ Ms. Jacky Oh, a former ‘Wild ‘N Out’ star and longtime DC Young Fly partner, has died at the age of 32. She is believed to have died in Miami but the cause of her death is not yet known.

The MTV Wild ‘N’ Out The star, whose real name is Jacklyn Smith, is rumored to have undergone “mom makeover” surgery in Miami with Dr. Zachary Okhah. The doctor has since deleted the photo from his page. After giving birth to her only son a few months before, Ms Jacky Oh went to the doctor for a mum makeover on June 1, 2023, but is believed to have died in the process.

The mother of three leaves behind her wife and DC Young Fly as well as her three children, Nova, Nala and Prince.

According to TMZ, the television star, born John Whitfield, learned that the mother of his children had died while he was recording new episodes of the sketch comedy series.

Here are some details about Jacky Oh’s family members. This piece contains information about his father, mother, and siblings.

Ms. Jacky Oh Family

Mc Jacky Oh rarely shares stories of his family on his social media.


One of the stories that included her family dates back to July 2016, when she wrote: “My dad makes my little brother run about 8 km at 4am every morning – and my dad follows him in his car. I asked my dad if he was following him because he thought my brothers wouldn’t or run the full distance. and he said no, I’m driving behind him because I don’t want a policeman shooting him in the back while he’s running just because he’s exercising.

In September 2018, Jacky took his GI and wrote that her grandmother died. She wrote: “My strong, resilient, silly, outspoken, firecracker, true definition of a QUEEN! The matriarch of our family passed away tonight, I’m torn inside but I also know that she lived a beautiful, long life with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Thank you God for giving us the TIME to say goodbye, rest in peace Grandpa. I have another angel watching over me.

Who is Mrs. Jacky Oh Father?

Mrs. Jacky Oh’s father would be called Keith Smith. On his father’s birthday in August 2018, Ms. Jacky Oh wished, “Best dad in the whole world, taught me everything I know!” Y’all tell my dad Happy Happy Birthday!

On Father’s Day 2019, she posted this photo of her dad and captioned it, “Happy Dads Day to all the amazing dads out there ❤ Our kings and protectors.

Comments on a few of his posts revealed that Keith worked at a bank. But, as it is not available on social networks, few details could be discovered.

Who is Mrs. Jacky Oh Mother?

The only thing we know about Mrs. Jacky Oh’s mother is that she is no longer married to Keith. Additionally, his father Keith has a new wife named Maria Smith, Jack Oh’s stepmother. Maria celebrates her birthday on December 27.

Mrs. Jacky Oh does she have brothers and sisters?

Mrs. Jacky has at least one brother named Keith Smith. He is an aviator in US Air Force. Additionally, he studied at the Community College of the Air Force. He has been married to Katey Brough since February 18, 2021.

Find Keith on Facebook And GI.

Besides Keith, Jacky also has two sisters named Tessie Morgan and Makayla Smith. Find Makayla, a mother of one here on Facebook.

Additionally, she has at least two half-siblings. His sister-in-law’s name is Rachel Campbell graduated from Armijo High School in 2013. Rachelle is married to her husband Kevin Davis. Kevin works at Educational Media Foundation.

Related FAQs

  • Where does Mrs. Jacky Oh’s family come from?

Ms. Jacky Oh’s family is from Fairfield, California.

  • What else do we know about Mrs. Jacky Oh’s family?

Although Mrs. Jacky Oh is close to her family members, she does not post much about her family on her social media.


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