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Mossy Bottom is what makes people more curious about it these days. There are a number of people who are eager to read about Mossy Bottom Cottage. This is a stunning, enviable position situated in the coastal village of Salthouse, North Norfolk. Construction of Mossy Bottom was recently completed. It has a total of three bedrooms attached to two bathrooms with a luxury barn conversion living room. Mossy Bottom Cottage is finished to the highest standards making it a fantastic property. In this article, we have uncovered all the must-have details about Mossy Bottom Cottage. You should take a look at the other given sections. Scroll down the page to learn more.

Mossy Bottom Cottage

It has both a pub and a restaurant a short walk from The Dun Cow, The North Norfolk is a bistro, cafe and seafood shop called Cookies Crab Shed. The house also has a scenic beach and salt marsh within walking distance within the designated Area of ​​Outstanding Natural Beauty and Area of ​​Special Scientific Interest. Did you know that Kelling’s Heath and Salthouse won the Dark Sky Discovery award earning them the title of light pollution and perfect for stargazing? Swipe down and read more details.

Entrance is via the gravelled driveway where one can enter the bright barn hallway and Norfolk Pamment onto the practical known as the flooring. The hall on the left side has a good space, it is extremely well equipped. The hall has quality hand painted units under a granite work surface and all appliances. You might not expect that Mossy Bottom also has a Tassimo coffee machine. In addition, Mossy Bottom is fully furnished and equipped as it has a large Samsung refrigerator, an integrated dishwasher and brushed stainless steel. Proceed to the next section and read more details.

After the kitchen, Mossy Bottom has a kitchen-style laundry room with a different washing machine. The utility room has a door that opens onto the garden. However, the kitchen is more dramatic than the larger open plan dining area. The center of Mossy Bottom has a massive brick chimney. Speaking of the dining room in Mossy Bottom, there is a very expansive area with two three-seater sofas and a comfy arm Samsung Smart LED TV that has both FreeSat and Netflix. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.


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