More than half of Fortune 100 companies have launched crypto initiatives since 2020

CRYPT — More than half of the companies that make up the Fortune 100 are actively seeking innovation and have been involved in cryptocurrency, blockchain or web3-related activities since the start of 2020. It would seem that these companies are came to the conclusion that it is imperative to modernize the old global financial system and that blockchain technology can be useful in this endeavor.

According to a report titled “The State of Crypto: Corporate Adoption” which was published on June 22 by cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase and cryptocurrency industry outlet The Block, 52% of Fortune 100 companies have reported that they are currently in the ideation, development, pre-launch or launch stage of one of the initiatives listed above. This information was gleaned from companies’ responses to a survey sent out by Coinbase and The Block.

In particular, the quarterly breakdown of crypto and blockchain efforts undertaken by these organizations reveals that in Q1 2020, forty percent were in the ideation stage, thirty percent were in the development stage, twenty percent were in the pre-launch phase, and ten percent had already been released to the public. These percentages are based on the position of the forces relative to each other.

According to the study’s findings, none of these initiatives were in the ideation stage at any of the companies that make up the Fortune 100 during the second quarter of 2023. That said, 10% of these initiatives were still in the ideation stage. Planning. , 20% were in the pre-launch phase and up to 70% in the presentation phase to the general public.

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