More money? Floyd Mayweather’s cute two-year-old grandson KJ shows off his boxing skills

Floyd Mayweather may not be boxing, his legacy is already affecting his personal one.

Money May’s grandson KJ – otherwise known as Meezy – is following in his father’s footsteps and showing a keen eye for the game in the latest social media flicks.

In recent days, the two-year-old’s account has posted several videos, including KJ and Floyd.

One exhibits a pair inside a square circle as Mayweather worked the pads while KJ watched intently.

After Floyd took a break, a younger KJ ran across the ring earlier than throwing his palms towards the corner lining.

Floyd Mayweather’s two-year-old grandson wears moderately giant gloves in the ring

Floyd Mayweather works the pads in his personal ring while his grandson KJ looks on

Mayweather’s grandson, often known as Mizzy Mayweather, shows off his boxing skills

Separately video posted on Instagram on Saturday, KJ is seen in his counter pose.

Although barely steadied, the little kid bounced around with his hands up and even threw just a few punches at his mom Iyana Mayweather’s entrance.

The most recent video Mayweather rides around with his grandson in a stroller attached to a bicycle, posted on the website.

Fans praised Mayweather for his devotion to his grandson, with one person commenting: “I have a ton of respect for Floyd, he’s rich as hell but still make time to spend with your grandson, that’s for real!! ”

Another wrote; “I’m sure KJ will give him peace of mind. You should never doubt the baby’s intentions.

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