Mom of OnlyFans model Ava Louise says she’s ‘proud’ in wake of portal flashing scandal

The mom of the OnlyFans model who flashed her breasts on the New York-to-Dublin mentioned she is “proud” of her “intelligent” daughter’s enterprise acumen – even after her father came upon in regards to the stunt in the pages of The Post.

“I’m proud of her no matter what she does,” Susan Lockner instructed The Post Wednesday of her 25-year-old daughter Ava Louise, who went viral this week when her “homegrown potatoes” seemingly prompted safety to close down the trans-Atlantic visible.

Susan Lockner said she is "proud" of her daughter, who is an Only Fans model.
Susan Lockner mentioned she is “proud” of her daughter, who’s an Only Fans model. Instagram/@susanlockner

Ava Louise’s father really came upon in regards to the stunt in the pages of The Post, Lockner confirmed.

“There was a full page story on Ava [in the paper], and he showed me and he was very shocked to just open The Post and see his daughter in there,” Lockner laughed.

“I guess he was shocked, but then he laughed, mostly at the title of the article, ‘Erin go Braless,’” she mentioned of her husband’s response to the unfold.

Ava Louise
Ava Louise, 25, revently went viral for flashing the New York-to-Dublin portal. Instagram/@avalouiise

Ava Louise boasts over 90,000 subscribers on Only Fans and has over 400,000 followers on Instagram, the place she regularly shares scantily clad movies and photos.

“It’s not always a proud parenting moment to have her do some of the things she does, but at the same time I admire her intelligence,” Lockner defined.

“I think a lot of the things she does are very smart, business-wise, and she always looks very beautiful,” the mother famous.

Ava Louise’s on-line platform does appear to repay: In a dialog with The Post, she revealed that she earns upwards of $70,000 monthly on Only Fans – and had already raked in $30,000 in simply two days after the preliminary portal scandal.

"I'll be proud of her no matter what she does," Lockner (right) said of her daughter (left).
“I’ll be proud of her no matter what she does,” Lockner (proper) mentioned of her daughter (left). Instagram/@susanlockner

“As parents we don’t love it, we don’t condone it, but at the same time it’s funny,” Lockner added of her daughter’s penchant for viral antics – together with a 2019 “Dr. Phil” look about her ambition to be a “skinny legend.”

Ava Louise’s curiosity in turning into well-known began younger, Lockner recalled.

“Even as a child, she always wanted to be the center of attention.” she mentioned.

There is one member of the household, nevertheless, who just isn’t all the way in which on board with Ava Louise’s digital notoriety.

The portal was shut down after Ava Louise's stunt.
The portal was shut down after Ava Louise’s stunt. Carlos Chiossone / Zuma /

“My mother, her grandmother, is 87, and she used to be extremely shocked by some of the things she’d see of Ava,” Lockner defined.

“She called me [about this] and said ‘I see your daughter is at the portal!’ She’s just worried about her,” she added.

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