Molly May Hague reveals her postpartum commitment in a skimpy blue bikini during a sun-drenched vacation

Molly-Mae Hague confirmed her unimaginable postpartum determination throughout her sun-drenched holiday in Greece on Tuesday.

The former Love Island star, 24, slipped into a skimpy bikini despite previously revealing she didn’t have the “confidence” to welcome daughter Bambi in January.

She rocked a blue flip-flop as she soaked up the sun with her beau Tommy Fury, also 24.

Molly-May posed in front of a full-length mirror and pulled on a pair of stylish white trousers before taking them off to point out her blue trousers.

She confirmed her toned abs in snaps but accessorized her seaside look with a woven clutch and wedge heels.

Stunning: Molly-Mae Hague, 24, confirmed her incredible post-natal determination throughout her sun-soaked holiday in Greece on Tuesday.

Image: The former Love Island star slipped into a skimpy bikini after revealing there was no way she thought she’d ever be able to pull it off after welcoming daughter Bambi in January.

The stunner styled her blonde locks into a bun and wore gold jewelry.

Taking to her Instagram stories, she wrote: “My DMs make me (cry emoji)”.

“I talked on my YouTube about how I don’t think I’ll ever want to achieve/be confident in a bikini on vacation again… I didn’t even bring it on this trip!”.

“But today I went to the store here and bought one because I realized WHO REALLY CARES!”.

She continued: “The thought of putting on a bikini on holiday is always a lot scarier than doing it now and whilst travelling… pack the bikini mums! and my girls who usually don’t! I promise no one judges/cares.

During a visit to Barbados earlier this month, the former Love Island star spoke on several occasions about her insecurities and concerns about wearing skimpy swimwear.

While cozy on a sun lounger in a strapless white bathing suit, Molly admitted first: “I’m wearing this bathing suit… bathing suits are the only thing for me.”

“I’m not a bikini girl right now because I just don’t have the confidence. I wasn’t really sure about bikinis before I had my baby.

Swimmer: She sizzled in a blue flip-flop as she sunbathed with her baby Tommy Fury, also 24.

Willing: She opened her Instagram stories with a candid revelation

Loving Father: Tommy planted a loving kiss on Bambi’s cheek

By: The little one looked cute in a lemon print co-ord

Returning to the topic later in her vlog, the reality star continued: “Right now I need anything with my body that will give me confidence…

“As much as I really like it over time, my body confidence is actually only getting worse. It annoys me.

“On this journey I really felt like I’m going to accept it, I don’t care, my new mother body, I’m proud of it and I’m proud, but at the same time I’m having a hard time accepting that I’m on a real journey that starts if I want to trust myself more to your body.

“I’ve talked to my family about it. I just can’t imagine ever wearing a bikini again (and feel confident), I never did. There’s just no way.

Hot Stuff: Molly May slipped into a skin-tight black dress as she showed off her curves on Monday.

Pose: The stunner posed up a storm for the camera

“Before I had a baby, I didn’t feel confident in a bikini, so after I had a baby, I can’t imagine ever thinking, ‘I’m going to put on a bikini and feel great.’

“I want and want to come here and say, ‘I feel confident and great’, but now I don’t feel right.

“So any clothes or outfits that can make me feel a little bit more confident, covered up and super flattering right now, that’s what I’m going for.”

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