Mike Moustakas High School and more

Mike Moustakas High School: Mike Moustakas, the talented baseball player, is American by nationality. He was born and raised in Chatsworth, Los Angeles, California.

Moustakas had an impressive high school career at Chatsworth High School, where he excelled in baseball as a starter four. After graduating in 2007, he embarked on his professional career and has achieved significant milestones since then.

Throughout his career, Moustakas has shown his power hitting abilities, racking up 207 homers and making 652 runs. His batting average is .248, reflecting his contributions at home plate. Moustakas played for various teams, including the Kansas City Royals, and made valuable contributions to the game.

Last I heard, Moustakas signed a one-year contract with the Rockies in March 2023. He continues to make an impact on the court, exemplified by his performances, including a solo home run against Atlanta.

Off the pitch, Moustakas has been married to Stephanie Moustakas since 2014. The couple were blessed with two daughters and a son, adding joy to their lives.

Mike Moustakas’ dedication to the sport, his accomplishments and his commitment to his family have made him a respected figure in the baseball world. As an American athlete, he left a lasting impression on fans and continues to contribute to the game he loves.

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