Michigan Mary Mabry Obituary: Killed by her stepson David Lee Mabry

Get information on Mary Mabry’s obituary when her stepson killed the Michigan resident with a gunshot. Also get details about the murder case.

The Berrien County murder case is making headlines again days after the case was thought to be solved.

A startling development in the murder case has come to light as the suspect in the murder of her stepmother died in Berrien County Jail.

According to Berrien County Sheriff’s officials, 60-year-old David Lee Mabry was discovered unconscious in his holding cell on Tuesday, June 20 at 12:45 p.m.

Prison staff and the ambulance team tried to save his life, but failed. According to deputies, there was no clear evidence of trauma, and an autopsy will be carried out.

Deputies said Mabry had “previous medical conditions”, although authorities did not say whether these were considered a factor in his death. Michigan State Police have requested an investigation into the deceased.

Michigan Mary Mabry Obituary: Killed by her stepson David Lee Mabry

Mary Mabry died in a fatal shooting Sunday, June 18 in Baroda Township of Berrien County.

Her stepson killed her in a disagreement about missing cats. But her family has decided not to release any obituaries to the public as Mary’s sudden passing has left them devastated.

His family, friends and community will find comfort in the memories of his happy life as they come to terms with this loss. Her family will ask for privacy as they mourn the loss of the mother of three.

The Mabry family was devastated by Mary’s death, and they were also touched by the terrible loss of a family member.

No one likes losing someone they love, because the grief that comes with it is painful for everyone and can leave rifts in families that last a lifetime.

Likewise, Mary’s three adult children say they are devastated and left with unanswered questions following their mother shot murder Sunday in Baroda Township.

There was more grief in the family as stepson David Lee, arrested for killing Mary, also died in his cell. He died in the Berrien County Jail three days after killing his stepmother.

Mabry was arrested and jailed in Berrien County Jail on suspicion of killing his stepmother on June 18.

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David Lee Mabry Arrest Charges: What Really Happened?

David Lee Mabry has been charged with open-air murder in a fatal June 18 shooting in Berrien County’s Baroda Township. He was charged with the death of his stepmother Mary Mabry.

According to numerous local media, he was arrested shortly after his death on Sunday and was charged on Monday. Additionally, he was charged with one count of having a firearm while committing a felony.

According to the South Bend-based CBS/Fox affiliate WSBT, the now deceased defendant pulled out a handgun and shot and killed his young stepmother.

She sat on her patio at the family home on Russell Road in Baroda Township, a small town near the Indiana border, without provocation.

The woman’s husband reportedly disarmed the shooter after the incident before he drove away from the scene.

The accused told the police that he had gone to his father’s house to get cats he had gone there, according to court documents acquired by WSBT.

He apparently learned that the cats had disappeared and their enclosure had been destroyed. Mary reportedly denied being responsible for breaking the cat enclosure, which infuriated David.

The victim allegedly reached for the gun when the assailant raised his, according to David Mabry, who claimed in WSBT, citing the court document. She was shot in the head.

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