Merced County Home Shooting Mother Mourns Her Daughter

After her daughter was shot and killed at a Livingston area residence over the weekend, her mother thinks of and remembers her. After learning of the death of her daughter, Aracely Meza, who was the mother of Liliana Zaragoza and is 19, expressed her grief through her tears. “Every time she saw me, she would ask me, ‘Mom, don’t you trust me?’ I reassured her by saying: “Yes, I trust you, I trust you enough. Meza reportedly said, “I just don’t trust other people who are going to show up.”

According to the Merced County Sheriff’s Office, the shooting took place at a home on Sunset Drive near Washington Boulevard as guests celebrated. The house is currently on the market for sale, but there is a cautionary strip placed in front of the property in remembrance of a young life that was stolen from this world far too soon. “She was just a little girl. Meza said the woman’s age was 19.

Liliana was now enrolled at Merced College, where she obtained her certification to work as a phlebotomist. She aspired to further her education and earn a degree in radiography in hopes of starting a successful career in medicine. Meza claims that despite her daughter’s deep affection for her circle of friends, she was a social recluse who rarely attended gatherings. “I was scared, and I wondered where you were and if you were in danger. Can you go out? Rosie Quirarte, the mother of another guest who attended the party, made the statement.

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