Megan Franks of Stewartstown PA, wife and mother died of colon cancer

Death of Megan Franks – Longtime Megan Franks Stewartstown, resident of Pennsylvania passed away suddenly after a long battle with colon cancer. She was confirmed dead on Wednesday, June 7, 2023. She passed away leaving family, friends and loved ones who were greatly affected by her sudden death. She is predeceased by her father who also died of colon cancer. Read the following statement from Brittney Elizabeth:

“Even when life went well, it went well together. I was so happy that you finally had your happily ever after, and I was so grateful that God granted you Harper, a true blessing disguised. When you were first diagnosed, I was so scared for you. Knowing that your father died of colon cancer, and you received the same hand. But I knew you were THE woman THE STRONGEST I have ever met You had defied all the odds before, and I knew you would pull through.

Who was Megan Franks?

Megan Franks was a resident of Stewartstown, Pennsylvania where she lived until her death. She was married to Sknarf Caz, whom she loved very much.

the megas, I can’t for the life of me believe I’m writing this to you right now. My soul mate, my best friend. We literally lived life and every moment together. From raccoon days to bonfires, to becoming young mothers to our daughters just 3 weeks apart, even becoming single mothers together. Eventually even married and raising 2 beautiful babies. Together. So many areas of life that we had hand in hand, that we had the chance to cross each other.

What happened to Megan Franks?

Megan, beloved wife and mother, passed away after a long battle with colon cancer. She was predeceased by her father who also died of this same fatal disease. The precise period, including her place of death, she was diagnosed with is currently unknown to us. His friends and family expressed their sincere condolences to his family who are saddened and devastated by his sudden passing.

Megan Franks obituary and funeral plans to be released at another date

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