Meet psychotherapist Debra Hauer, Jonah Hauer-King Mom!

Meet the other Debra Hauer by Jonah Hauer-King, psychotherapist by trade. Find out his age, job and current residence in this article.

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Meet Debra Hauer, Jonah Hauer-King Mom

Debra Hauer is the reason Jonah Hauer-King pursued an acting career. “I owe a lot of my love of acting to her,” Jonah told Broadway World in October 2016. “She was always taking me to shows and she gave me quite a diverse exposure to the acting world. Even though I grew up with it, I never really admitted to myself that I wanted to act until my mid-teens.

But, his parents had warned him that the industry came with a lot of “uncertainty” and “instability”. But once he had made up his mind, he said his parents were “extremely supportive” of his aspirations.

“My mum is American, my dad is English and I grew up in a Jewish family in north London. There seem to be a few of us in Cambridge! Jonah told a UK entertainment site that he frequently visits to her family in San Francisco (short for the Bay Area, I think). Her older sister, Hannah, a theater manager, told a British website: “I love being Jewish. I think we should all be spiritual It doesn’t have to be through an organized religion, for me it just happens to be Judaism because that’s how I was raised.

Postcards from London, ashes in the snowAnd old boys were the three movies he starred in in 2018. Bringing a dog home, a 2019 romantic comedy, gave Jonah his big break in Hollywood. Besides The Little Mermaid, he has completed filming future films Rich Flu and A Beautiful Imperfection.

Is Debra Hauer still married to Jonah’s father?

Debra Hauer is no longer married to Jonah’s father Jeremy King. The couple divorced after 24 years together.

Jonah’s mother opened up about their divorce in an interview with Fabulous Fabsters. Debra explained: “As I was preparing to return to work, my marriage went into crisis and getting back to work in a hurry was no longer my first priority. Instead, I focused on making my children feel safe and helping them deal with the new reality of their new home situation. This delayed my return to work a few years beyond what I had planned.

She continued: “The divorce also set back my own confidence. But you know, I don’t think the psychotherapy journey would have happened if I hadn’t been divorced. Breaking my status quo has put my world in this kind of free fall.

Debra concluded, “Divorce was the most impossible, alien, and unforeseen thing that could ever happen in my world. I woke up in the morning thinking, “No no, this can’t be my life. I just had a bad dream. It’s not me.” That was the negative side. The positive side was, “Oh, I survive this – anything is possible.” We’ve always done. There’s all this people there and suddenly I was like, “I’m going to train to be an existential psychotherapist.”

Jeremy was born in June 1954. He turns 69 in 2023. He is the owner and CEO of Corbin & King.

This eminent restaurateur first pursued a career in investment banking, but gave it up to become Seekis the youngest manager in history at 21. He then joined the American restaurant Joe Allen in London and worked as a Maître d’Hôtel. In the late 1970s Jeremy then met Chris Corbin and they have been business partners ever since. Together, the duo have created some of London’s most iconic and well-regarded establishments, such as The Wolseley, The Delaunay, Zédel, Colbert, Fischer’s and Café Wolseley.

But during their marriage, Debra and her ex-husband welcomed the other two daughters Hannah and Margot Hauer-King.

Debra Hauer age

Born in 1958, Debra Hauer is 60 years old.

Who are Debra Hauer’s parents?

Debra Hauer is the daughter of Dr. Samuel D. Hauer and Mildred Hauer. His parents married at age 62. Unfortunately, his father passed away on November 26, 2009 at the age of 88.

Toronto, Canada, originally from Northern California in 1950. He served in World War II with the Royal Canadian Air Force. Additionally, he was one of the first physicians to perform surgery in Contra Costa County, as well as the institution’s first Chief of Surgery. an original founder of Temple Isaiah.

Debra’s siblings are named Marc (Jennie), Donald and Laura (Rick).

Debra Hauer Psychotherapist Career

Former producer and theater director Debra Hauer now practices psychotherapy. Eureka Street (1999), The Red Violin (1998), A Night with Handel (1997), Omnibus (1997), Equinox (1992) and The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat (1987) are just a few of his works that you may have come across.

Debra completed her Masters/PGDIP in Psychotherapy at Regent’s University in 2014 after leaving the entertainment industry to start working as a psychotherapist at the Terrence Higgins Trust. She then joined Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, where she is still employed today.

Debra is a psychotherapist in private practice. She was a counselor | Stress management | Psychotherapy | Advice in the workplace | Brief Therapy at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. Prior to that, she also worked at Terrence Higgins Trust and Action on Addiction.

Related FAQs

  • Where is Debra Hauer from?

Debra Hauer grew up in Walnut Creek, San Francisco. Debra moved to England in 1978.

  • Is Debra Hauer on Instagram and Facebook?

No, Debra Hauer is not on Instagram or Facebook.


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