Mark Schlerett Prepares Russell Wilson Training Video: ‘He Can’t Wait To Start Posting Trash’

Former Broncos Super Bowl champion and current FOX NFL analyst Mark Schlerett has blasted Russell Wilson for his highly-produced workout videos that have been posted on social media in recent weeks.

Wilson, who is entering his second year with the crew, shared a video earlier this month of him getting to grips with his personal facility before returning to Englewood for the Broncos’ coaching camp.

Schlerett, who lives and works at Denver’s 104.3 The Fan, ripped Wilson for the video after his character and enjoyment of Mile High failed to impress last season.

“He’s been out of Sean Payton’s thumb for three days (and) it’s like Braveheart; Braveheart being tortured… freedom!!!,” Schlerett mentioned on The Stinkin’ Truth podcast.

“He can’t wait to start putting out the garbage. And you just talk about the tone of this toxic positivity,” he said of Wilson.

Mark Schlerett pulled Russell Wilson for a workout video he posted earlier this month

“This look at me, look at me, look at me. Look what I’m doing, I’m sliding, I’m doing handstand pushups.

“I just thought, dude, you played the worst football of your career. It was not only pathetic but shameful.

Wilson had a disastrous season with the 5-12 Broncos, who had to contend with a top crop after he arrived. Instead, both he and the franchise became a league-wide laughing stock.

The former Seattle quarterback had a career-low 17 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

Wilson had a terrible 60.5 completion percentage and was 4-11 on the year.

“I was involved in the NFL for 12 years as a player and 22, 23 years as a broadcaster. I’ve never seen a group of players take the opportunity to attack one of their members and publicly crucify them mercilessly.

Kickers mock him on team planes. kickers! Kicker felt empowered to taunt football players on the team plane.

After all, Schlerett is referring to Ravens All-Pro Justin Tucker, who mocked Wilson, saying Lamar Jackson was “leading (the team) to kneel excessively” after Wilson informed reporters he had made the transition to the Broncos. plane on its way to London.

Wilson has been making in-depth workout movies for a long time, with his latest title “All My Life”

The former Seattle linebacker did it during 4 hours of flight drills and stretches while his teammates slept.

“It was like Russell Wilson was a jerk and everyone else was a shark in the water and they couldn’t wait to go after this guy, couldn’t wait to laugh at him.

“What does that say about where he is, how people feel about him? And then the fact that you put it; tone deaf about his situation.

“When you’re away from the watchful eye of an organization that asked you not to. Can’t wait to post something. I am absolutely baffled that this is where you are.

Wilson had arthroscopic knee surgery this offseason, an issue that “has been bothering him for a few seasons,” hoping he could be more cellular than he was in 2022.

The 34-year-old may not be able to break out of the highlights, but it could become a lot less difficult if he and Payton can boost the struggling franchise.

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