Marjorie Taylor Greene reveals off-ramp she offered House speaker Mike Johnson before failed vote to oust him

Firebrand Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene revealed that she offered Speaker Mike Johnson an off-ramp before she tried to topple him in a failed mutiny.

Greene (R-Ga.) met with Johnson (R-La.) a minimum of twice final week within the run-up to her bid to oust him — a transfer that will’ve wanted Democrats to facet along with her so as to succeed.

“I said, ‘Look, if you’ll defund [special counsel] Jack Smith, then I’ll reconsider this motion,’” Greene recounted on Fox News‘ “Sunday Morning Futures.

“This is something the American people are sick and tired of. They’re fed up with Republicans that will not defend President Trump.”

Johnson expressed openness to reforming the principles governing particular counsels final week, telling reporters, “We’re looking very intently at it because I think the problem has reached a crescendo.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene
Marjorie Taylor Greene was joined by 10 different Republicans and 32 Democrats in her failed bid to take down the speaker. AP

He later told Politico level clean that he’s not ready to remove Smith’s job through the appropriations course of.

“That’s not something you wave a wand and just eliminate the special counsel as a provision,” Johnson informed the outlet.

“There is a necessity for a function like that because sometimes the Department of Justice — which is an executive branch agency — can’t necessarily, without a conflict of interest, investigate or prosecute the president who’s their boss, or the president’s family.”

Johnson doesn’t have the authority to unilaterally defund Smith’s workplace. Given Republicans’ razor-thin majority within the decrease chamber and the Democratic management over the Senate, the GOP lacks the facility to defund the particular counsel.

Greene raged in opposition to the speaker’s feedback to Politico, saying, “Mike Johnson’s owned by the Democrats and that proved me to be right again.”

Prior to privileging her movement to oust Johnson, Greene publicly revealed her calls for of Johnson, which had been: to not ship war-torn Ukraine any extra help, defund the particular counsel, move 12 appropriations payments relatively than an omnibus, and abide by the Hastert Rule.

Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson took a victory lap after surviving Marjorie Taylor Greene’s effort to take him down. Getty Images

The Hastert Rule is a precept wherein management gained’t take up laws on the House flooring with out the backing of a Republican majority. Johnson deviated from that when he pushed by means of the $61 billion Ukraine assist invoice — one thing to which a majority of House Republicans objected.

Ironically, Greene’s gambit to dethrone Johnson solely had a tiny minority of House Republicans behind it. Even Trump opposed her revolt.

Her longstanding menace in opposition to Johnson went up in flames final Wednesday in a 359-43 vote, with 196 Republicans and 163 voting to desk her movement.

Democrats indicated they’d toss Johnson a lifeline after he elicited Greene’s wrath by taking on Ukraine assist.

She would’ve wanted Democrats to play ball like they did within the October mutiny in opposition to former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) — one thing Greene opposed.

Hakeem Jeffries
Earlier this month, Hakeem Jeffries introduced that Democratic management would help tabling a movement to vacate. Getty Images

“I feel like this time the Democrats and the Republicans stuck together and exposed the uni-party like it’s never been seen before,” Greene additional chided.

Greene revealed that she spoke with Trump after her ouster bid collapsed and underscored the forty fifth president’s assertion {that a} movement to vacate the chair could also be warranted “at some point.

“The most important thing everyone needs to know is that people want a Republican Party that will fight,” Greene added.

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