Marc Stonehouse, 58, of Ulster County arrested for alleged threat

SAUGERTIES, NY – An Ulster County man has been arrested, as reported by police, for brandishing a firearm in a manner perceived to be threatening. A 58-year-old named Marc Stonehouse is being investigated for multiple crimes. On June 25, at approximately 2:08 a.m., officers arrived in the 485 Band Camp Road area in Saugerties in response to a report of a person with a gun knocking on the door of a residence.

The report indicated that the individual was threatening the resident. Following an investigation, authorities concluded that Stonehouse brandished a 12-gauge shotgun in the direction of two of his neighbors. Stonehouse was charged with aggravated assault. Stonehouse was taken into custody without any difficulty or complexity at the location where the incident occurred.

In addition to a felony of unlawful possession of a third-degree weapon, he was charged with two counts of second-degree threatening with a handgun. These charges were brought against him. Stonehouse appeared in Saugerties City Court, where he was arraigned, and in the end was given the opportunity to appear on his own recognizance after being released from police custody. in the future, he must make another appearance in the local court where the case is heard.

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