Manzoor Kirlo Death News And Obituary: Comedian Has Passed Away

The famous Pakistani comedian Manzoor Kirlo has left us. Manzoor has gained significant fame through his funny videos.

The unexpected death of Manzoor Kirlo has sent shockwaves through the entire entertainment industry in Pakistan. Many people expressed their grief and sent their prayers and thoughts to the family and loved ones of the late comedian.

Kirlo had been active in the industry for a long time. His humorous videos have been shared on multiple platforms, amassing major views and likes.

Many questions still surround the death of the talented comedian. Let’s explore the life and death of the Pakistani comedian below.

Manzoor Kirlo Death News And Obituary: Comedian Has Passed Away

Famous Pakistani comedian Manzoor Kirlo deceased on June 7, 2023. Manzoor Kirlo, whose full name is Haji Manzoor Hussain Kirlo, was widely recognized for his acting skills among locals.

The comedian’s funeral rituals (antyesti) seem to have ended yesterday. Since he was popular in the area, many people attended his funeral and shared photos and videos of the late comedian.

Social media is flooded with condolences as many people expressed their grief and prayers. Family, friends and loved ones of Manzoor Kirlo are devastated by his unexpected passing.

According to a family member, Haji Manzoor Kirlu had returned from filming a drama the day before he died. After that, he ate and went to bed.

When the celebrity didn’t answer the door the next morning for a long time, her family broke down the door and entered to find her lifeless body lying on her bed. Thus, the precise cause of death has not yet been made public.

Shortly after the comedian’s death, a video recorded before his death began circulating on various social media platforms. In the video, while addressing his fans and admirers, the comedian said they should all pray to Allah to grant him a place in heaven.

His fans and followers are heartbroken and their prayers are with him and his family.

Manzoor Kirlo Health: Was the actor sick?

Pakistani comedian Manzoor Kirlo has died suddenly.

Although the official cause of death has not been released, many people wonder if he had any health issues.

However, there have been no reports regarding Manzoor Kirlo’s health issues. The skilled artist was actively working. Even the day before he died, he had come after shooting a drama.

It is therefore likely that he did not have a terminal illness.

Manzoor Kirlo family: was the actor married?

Manzoor Kirlo was a married man. He was married to his wife, whose name has not been released.

However, Manzoor’s wife occasionally featured in several of his comedy videos. In a Youtube video shared in February 2022. In the long video titled “Manzoor Kirlo Husband Wife Real Life Romantic Funny Video”, the late artist and his alleged wife can be seen having a funny conversation.

Manzoor Kirlo’s wife seemed to be very supportive of his career. It’s unclear how many children Kirlo has fostered with his better half.

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