Man stabbed to death in New York street brawl was wanted for murder: sources

A man stabbed to death in a violent street fight in Chelsea was wanted for murder in Baltimore, sources told the Post.

The victim, 36, was stabbed by another man on Friday morning during a wild melee in broad daylight in the middle of a crosswalk, where they settled a score as bewildered New Yorkers went about their business , according to a face-disabled video.

Nisean Graves, 34, a homeless man, was later charged with murder during the fatal encounter and was held without bond during an appearance in Manhattan Criminal Court on Saturday.

The video shows Graves inciting unprovoked confrontation by punching the victim, said prosecutor Emily Yonan, who noted that Graves repeatedly gave officers different names once he was caught.

Graves and the victim fought for several minutes before he pulled a knife, prosecutors say.

The unarmed victim “kicked” Graves, who simultaneously swung his blade and stabbed the victim in the chest.

Graves, who is homeless, walked away as the fatally injured man “collapsed to the ground, clutching his chest with both hands,” Yonan told judge Stephen Antignani.

The accused was “arrested a little further down the block covered in blood and had the bloody knife in his pocket”, Yonan said, noting that the victim was rushed to hospital and died of his injuries. injuries about an hour later.

“It’s a solid case with multiple witnesses, video, and a knife recovered,” Yonan told the court.

During the proceedings, Graves wore the same white jumpsuit he wore after his arrest. At one point his head was tilted as one of his legs was shaking.

His attorney, Joshua Benjamin, claimed he didn’t even know the victim’s name and had no information about the Maryland murder case.

The Baltimore Police Department has confirmed that the stabbing victim – who has not been publicly identified by the NYPD – is the same person wanted in the murder of a homeless man.

No other details were immediately available on the Maryland case, but the victim has been wanted in Baltimore since Oct. 28, authorities said.

While one woman can be seen in the clip passing and barely giving a glance at the punches, another woman – who appeared to be a nurse – walks right in between the men as the taller fighter holds a knife .

She first tries to play peacemaker before giving them a piece of her mind.

The shirtless victim can be seen in the clip bleeding later in the crosswalk as cops frantically try to save the man’s life. EMS took him to Bellevue, where he died.

Major crime is up 5% this year in Midtown South, where fatal stabbings took place, while felony assaults jumped 33%, to 208 from 156, compared to the same period last year, according to NYPD data through June 4.

Additional reporting by Sofia Barnett

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