Madison Bergmann alleged victim’s family ‘full of rage’ about ‘selfie queen’ teacher ‘making out’ with student

Madison Bergmann, the Wisconsin teacher busted for allgedly ‘making out’ with an 11-year-old within the halls of River Crest Elementary School was continually thirsting for consideration — leaving the family of her alleged sufferer livid.

“Oh, they’re full of rage about this,” the mother of one of Bergman’s different college students informed The Post. “They’re out for her head. Everyone is. There are group texts and meetings, and people are checking in with [the family] to make sure they’re okay. It’s a mess.”

While the households are outraged, the mother says there was at all times one thing which struck her as bizarre about Bergmann’s conduct.

Madison Bergmann
Madison Bergmann in a photograph from her scocial media Madison Bergman/Facebook

“I just suspected something was off,” says the mother. “Just a weird feeling. She was an attention seeker. A selfie queen. Pictures of herself from every angle, pictures of her cup of coffee, pictures of her cute shoes. Just one of those girls.”

Bergmann, 24, has been charged with one rely of first-degree youngster sexual assault. She was arrested after the victim’s dad and mom discovered texts between the pair, in line with charging paperwork obtained by the Post.

The boy’s enraged father allegedly printed out the conversations and stormed into River Crest Elementary School. The faculty then contacted authorities, sparking an investigation.

The charging paperwork allege the texts revealed intimate messages from Bergmann detailing their encounters contained in the classroom throughout lunch or after faculty —  together with texts telling the boy how a lot she loved him touching her and “making out.”

Additionally, cops say they discovered a folder with the victim’s identify on it in her bag. The folder allegedly contained handwritten notes speaking about how a lot they kissed.

Elementary school classroom
Bergman’s allegedly had inappropriate contact with the 11-year-old in her classroom throughout lunch breaks. Madison Bergmann/Facebook

In one of the letters, Bergmann allegedly wrote, “One of my cousins is in the 5th grade and I can’t imagine a man talking to her how we talk. I know we have a special relationship and I do love you more than anyone in the world but I have to be the adult here and stop.”

When confronted with the letters, authorities say Bergmann invoked her proper to rent an legal professional.

Cops don’t state how lengthy the alleged abuse had been occurring, however Bergmann informed investigators she had an in depth relationship with the family, and she or he bought the boy’s quantity in December when the family invited her to the Afton Alps for winter break.

Bergmann and fiancee Sam Hicks.
Bergmann and fiancee Sam Hicks. Madison Bergmann/Facebook

Bergmann is free on a $25,000 bond. She has disabled her social media and isn’t allowed on faculty property or at college occasions. It’s unclear if she has but employed an legal professional approved to talk on her behalf.

Additionally, Bergmann, who was engaged to be married, will now not be strolling down the aisle in July.

“It’s been indefinitely postponed,” a pal of her fiancee stated on Saturday. “And it probably won’t happen. He is really upset and heartbroken. He’s embarrassed and pissed. He didn’t deserve this. Everyone is pissed.”

In a be aware to folks, the Hudson School District stated they would offer counseling professionals for Bergmann’s college students.

“We understand the gravity of this situation and are committed to providing the necessary support for any child who may be impacted,” the district wrote.

“We kindly request the school community to respect the privacy of Hudson students and their families and refrain from spreading rumors or speculation.”

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