Madeline Kingsbury Children and family: meet her parents, David and Cathy Kingsbury

Madeline Kingsbury’s children will stay with her parents and their age is under five. Learn more about the missing Winona wife’s family life.

Madeline Kingsbury is a mother of two from Minnesota. Her name came to public attention when she was reported missing on March 31, 2023.

The missing mother was last seen at her home in southeast Minnesota. Later that day, Kingsbury missed her shift and didn’t even pick up her kids from daycare.

Because of this, all of her family and friends were worried and they tried to call and text her, but they got no response. Officials revealed that it was out of character as she never did it.

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Meet the Children of Madeline Kingsbury

Madeline Kingsbury, 26, has raised two children under the age of five at the time of this writing. It appears that due to their age, Madeline’s children’s names have not been shared with the media.

Additionally, Kingsbury had a strong relationship with his daughter and son. She was also an active user from where Kingsbury shared images of her two children.

On the day of her disappearance, Madeline reportedly dropped off her children at daycare with their father, Adam Fravel. It appeared they weren’t on good terms when discussing Kingsbury’s relationship with the father of her children.

According to , Kingsbury and Adam separated, but she still resided with him while searching for a new home. Madeline’s sister had also opened up about their split and revealed that Kingsbury was looking for a new home when she went missing.

Madeline Kingsbury’s Family and Relatives: Meet David and Cathy Kingsbury

Madeline Kingsbury has a supportive family and her parents, David and Cathy Kingsbury, raised her alongside her sister named Megan Kingsbury and a brother named Stephen Kingsbury.

According , Kingsbury’s brother Stephen returned to Winona after learning that his sister was missing. It was reported that Madeline’s brother was on a military deployment overseas and returned home to support the family.

Stephen has spoken to the media saying his active work in the military for more than a decade will help law enforcement track down his sister’s location.

When Kingsbury went missing, his then-partner Adam filed for custody of their two children, but he was denied the rights. Thus, their two children are in the care of Winona County and Madeline’s parents, David and Cathy Kingsbury.

Apart from that, there has been some confusion among netizens regarding Kingsbury’s parents as some have mentioned that his parents are Deanna Naber and Krista Naber.

The confusion over the missing mother’s confusion began when Deanna actively shared missing posts on Facebook to spread the news and help the family find Madeline.

Deanna once shared a photo of Madeline with the caption, “Our daughter Madeline is still missing. Please keep sharing… thank you all for your support.

Similarly, the GoFundMe page curated by Carolyn Reichel listed Madeline as Deanna and Krista’s daughter. Meanwhile, more details regarding the Kingsbury family will be released soon.

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