Love Island Host Maya Jama Reveals Worst Dating Experience Ever Before New Series

LOVE Island host Maya Jama believes her worst dating experience was having a clearly visible bogey stuck in her nose.

The 28-year-old presenter, who dated rapper Stormzy, 29, admitted to the embarrassing incident ahead of the reality show’s new series, starting tomorrow on ITV2.

She said: “When you go to the bathroom and you have a huge bogey and they smile at you all the time. It happened.”

Maya said she agrees with the show’s new social media rules, which call for islanders’ accounts to be inactive throughout their stay at the villa.

The star added, “I often take a break from social media myself. It’s nice to connect a bit to the real world.

“But at the same time, I laugh on social media and I appreciate that.

“I feel like if I was in school now I would be there strongly, whereas I’ve had the experience of not having it and having it, so I find it a bit a good balance with that.”

Besides being obsessed with star signs, Maya admitted that she also believes in the energy of crystals.

She added: “I’ve been given crystals before for my birthday and I put them next to my bed. I know they’re supposed to be for good energy.


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