Louis Christian, the Christian brother of Salmon Lake Lodge died after a fall in his assisted living facility

Louis Christian Death – Louis B. Christian born in 1930 died in June 2023. He was pronounced dead after a fall in his assisted living facility. The third and only living Christian brother who purchased Salmon Lake Lodge has passed away. His cause of death is linked to the injuries sustained during the tragic fall in his assisted living facility. In 1959 Winslow, Maynard and Louis purchased Salmon Lake Lodge. Family members, friends and Salmon Lake Lodge mourn the death of their beloved Louis Christian.

Louis Christian was the geologist who lived in distant lands like the Philippines, Libya, Sumatra and eventually Dallas. He came to Salmon Lake every year and called it home. During their most active years, he and his wife Anneliese owned a house in Sierra City. After tripping and falling in his assisted living facility, he died yesterday morning. He was able to enjoy himself in the months leading up to his passing, and we are grateful that we were able to visit him as much as we did while we were processing the loss.

A longtime favorite, Salmon Lake Resort offers a variety of lodging options. Choose between sleeping in a lakeside cabin, a campsite or one of our sites in our RV Park. A boat launch, store and rental shop are also located in Salmon Lake.

Louis Christian’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be published by family members

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