Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority board votes to create new police

Los Angeles, USA – The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Board of Directors last week approved a plan to create a new police force, with the express purpose of policing the city’s bus and train system. county. Compared to the current cost of outsourcing the Los Angeles Police Department, Long Beach Police Department, and Sheriff’s Department, which cost $172.9 million this year alone, the new internal transportation force could save more than 38 dollars. million, according to a study commissioned by the council.

The council decided in March to bring in outside law enforcement for another year while considering creating its own unit. Justice Research Consultants conducted research which concluded that the creation of a new agency was feasible, financially viable and would result in cost savings. It would also mean the end of any contract work being done by current law enforcement in Los Angeles. Ultimately, this will lead to a safer and more secure transit experience for riders and employees alike, said Gina Osborn, chief safety officer for Metro Los Angeles. “This approach will not only create a stronger and more efficient security framework, but also allow Metro to reallocate resources in a proactive and cost-effective manner that aligns with agency security priorities,” Osborn added.

Janice Hahn, Metro board member and Los Angeles County Supervisor, voiced her opposition to the change and ultimately did not vote. As Hahn said, “I think I’m the most outspoken critic of public safety in our system, and yet whenever I brought up issues, issues, or concerns, I had the feeling like you got a lot of hindsight with (remarks like) “we have a layered approach”, or “it’s just a perception of crime”, or “look at all the people who ride it safe and don’t nothing happens to them”, etc.

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