LMPD Family Claims Officer Nick Wilt Shows ‘Remarkable Improvement’ in Therapy

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY — They pointed out that he made another big development this week. Because Wilt’s communication ability has improved, he is now able to more fluently use sentences containing between two and five words. His friends and family said he was even making jokes at this point. According to family members, Louisville Police Department officer Nick Wilt has made significant progress in recovering from his injuries.

Physiotherapy is one of the many treatments Wilt receives and practices regularly. The most recent information suggests that he is able to show an increase in his degree of endurance by being able to maintain a speed on a treadmill of up to two miles per hour for more than seven minutes. He is now able to support his own weight in a standing position for about 25 minutes, despite needing significant staff assistance and a ceiling harness to do so.

“Wilt maintains a positive attitude and embraces new obstacles as if he enjoys them,” his family said, despite recent challenges having presented themselves. “Wilt loves the challenge of overcoming new obstacles.” His ability to bounce back from adversity and stay focused is evidenced by the fact that he approaches every obstacle with an optimistic attitude and firm determination. The shooting that took place at the former National Bank exactly two months ago took place last Saturday. The Louisville Metro Police Foundation is continuing its efforts to raise financial support to pay for Wilt’s medical bills.

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