LISA JONES: Why do we ALWAYS have to match Kate Middleton with Princess Diana? It’s sexist…

When the brand new Princess of Wales accepted the Garter Service Order in Windsor last week in a classic Alessandra Rich polka dot tea dress, I knew it could be just a moment earlier than she was as soon as I thought of Diana’s doppelganger again.

Diana additionally wore polka dots!

The two Princesses of Wales have been declared twins since they hit the limelight here. Diana wore a sheer Laura Ashley skirt. Kate Middleton walked down the runway in a sheer black dress.

They were each awkward, shy and wide-eyed. The two shopped on King’s Road for ballerinas, so they could be twins, they say!

When Catherine, Princess of Wales of Windsor wore polka dots to the service, there have been instant, albeit misguided, comparisons to Diana.

Just because Diana wore polka dots once in a while doesn’t mean Kate is her doppelgänger, says Lisa Jones. Diana is seen here at Ascot in 1988

Lisa Jones says that no major fashion comparisons can be made between Diana, pictured here in 1986, and Catherine, Princess of Wales.

The Princess of Wales could be very much her personal lady and she may have the ability to follow her own personal path. Kate is pictured right here at this year’s Commonwealth Day service

Body language consultants have called Katrina a “perfect copy” of the late POW. When she appeared in custom Erdem for Commonwealth Day, “the whole look was reminiscent of Diana,” one of the superstar’s hairstylists informed Newsweek.

Nooo! Their fashions have no deep and meaningful similarities, nor should they.

Yes, Diana and Catherine patronized Catherine Walker, Jenny Packham and couturier Philip Treacy. Both have a puffy sleeve, slightly off the shoulder. But this applies to all girls who want to dress up formally from time to time.

Only a limited range of fashion level designers are available. And to be brutally honest, Diana was not an icon of the regime, whereas Catherine actually is. Di is not to blame because she came in the nineteen eighties. She was usually thoughtless, not worldly in any way.

Even the revenge dress the Serpentine wore the night Charles revealed his infidelity on TV was too quick, complete with black see-through tights. It seems they should be left in the historical past and Catherine should be allowed to follow her own personal path.

Because she could very much be her own person.

Just because she might sport Diana’s pins doesn’t mean she wants her every waking second.

She does not stay before and apart, what would that do? William once so aptly quoted, “No one is going to try to fill my mother’s shoes and what she did was incredible. It’s about building your individual future and your individual future, and Kate will do that very effectively.

Being myopic about what Katrina sports is like over-analyzing Love Island: the blue of her Erdem skirt swimsuit contrasted knowingly with the color of the Commonwealth flag.

I think Katrina almost always has to look fair and appropriate.

Going back to Diana endlessly isn’t simply a lack of imagination, it’s sexist. We don’t compare the decline in William’s seizures to his father’s; in fact, as Julia Burchill put it, let’s hope William doesn’t look like his father.

But with girls? We do this regularly. Even rating Meghan as the late Duchess of Windsor, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Diana was not an icon of the regime, says Lisa Jones. Even the so-called “revenge dress” was too fast and wore the wrong tights. Diana wore a Christina Stambolian dress to an event at the Serpentine Gallery in 1994

Some commentators want to equate design alternatives and designer similarities. Here Diana can be seen embracing William and Harry on board the Royal Yacht Britannia in 1991

But the reality is that there are only so many fashion-level designers to visit, says Lisa Jones. The Princess of Wales welcomed Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden in 2018

Diana, Princess of Wales in Nottingham in 1992

Catherine, then Duchess of Cambridge, in Coatbridge in 2021

Mrs. Simpson was so restless that she had the sheets ironed if she had wrinkled them during her nap. She was indeed an ambassador for Dior, as the V&A exhibition proved.

It’s like girls don’t have their own concepts that we have to repeat all the time. That we stay ahead. We want our hands.

Catherine is nothing like Diana. She radiates sunny optimism, stability, confidence. We were afraid of Diana.

We thought, if she’s not going to be happy, what hope do the rest of us have? We look at Katrina and all things in the world look great.

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