Lioness Alessia Russo reveals her ‘low point when it comes to food and her weight’

England Lioness Alessia Russo is as much on the cover of Women’s Health UK’s July/August edition as she is on the pitch.

Russo, 24, traded in her football gear for trendy sportswear to grace the cover of the glossy magazine, and she or he is by no means considered superior.

With her toned and long blonde hair, she seems as comfortable stepping into the digital camera as she is when she’s showing off her skills in front of hundreds of cheering followers, however, speaking to Women’s Health UK, Russo revealed that she hasn’t always been comfortable in her body.

“There’s a certain stigma because obviously you want to compete and be the best on the court, but you also want to look a certain way. Like a lot of young girls (do), ‘I wanted to be thin and compete at that level,'” she said.

Russo once used the app to track everything related to her meals, but now she says the technique didn’t work for her.

England Lioness Alessia Russo is as hung over the July/August Women’s Health UK cover as she is on the pitch.

“I know some people still use it, but… I was at a low point with food and my weight. I wasn’t strong enough; I was not robust. “I thought I looked great… but actually on the football field I wasn’t strong enough to compete,” admitted the footballer.

Focused on her sport and fully committed to giving her physique all the vitamins it needs to perform as an elite athlete, Russo added, “(Now) my body is still a big priority.

“But I realize that I need to eat a lot more than I thought at first, and now I don’t want to be skinny, I want to be strong.” Nutrition has a big impact on how you feel and how your body reacts.

Posing in a bright Adidas tracksuit, Russo revealed she’s not afraid to show off her girly side when she’s off the court.

“I like make-up, I like doing my nails, my hair… you could ask the same thing about male footballers: they like to dress up and cut their hair all the time,” she stated. .

“Just because we play an aggressive, contact (it) sport doesn’t mean we don’t like to pamper ourselves… (I’m) an athlete, but I’m also a young girl who likes to do it. side as well.

Russo, 24, swapped her soccer kit for trendy sportswear to grace the cover of the glossy magazine, and she’s never looked better

With her toned figure and long blonde hair, Russo looks just as comfortable in front of the camera as she does on the court

“Some girls do it with their clothes … everyone has their own ways of expressing themselves outside of football.”

Russo, 24, who was part of the England squad that won the UEFA Women’s Championship last summer, has been named as the first player of the 12 months at the women’s football awards, with some commentators questioning whether she will be around next season to continue as captain.

However, Russo makes no guarantees: “I don’t know if I’ll ever be a leader in the sense of a captain.

“But I think I can lead in other ways, whether it’s from the front, leading in my actions, how I train, how I play, I’m not the loudest person; I like to just do things.’

Russo is excited about the upcoming World Cup but refuses to be complacent, insisting the current high level of the women’s game will only make it more interesting.

When it comes to achieving gender equality in football, Russo does not hesitate to work with other players and teams

Russo’s interview with Women’s Health UK is comprehensive, covering the country’s World Cup prospects, the importance of working together to achieve gender equality in football and the progress already made in raising the profile of the women’s game.

When it comes to the state of women’s football, she is not shy about saying that she is optimistic, especially as more money is now being channeled into women’s football.

England Lion and star striker Alessia Russo, 24, graces the July/August cover of Women’s Health UK.

However, this does not mean that there is still no distance to bridge. And ultimate success, Russo says, depends on people showing solidarity with each other in the sport.

“We will always support other teams when they face such problems; it’s not okay and it wouldn’t happen to men, so we don’t like to see it with women.

Excited for next month’s World Cup, Russo is excited to “make more history”, but with “the standard of the women’s game higher than ever”, she is certainly not complacent.

“So there will be a lot of teams going there with the same ambitions… I think that will make it such a great tournament,” said the towering forward.

  • The full interview with Alessia Russo can be had in the July/August issue of Women’s Health UK, on ​​sale now.

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