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Life-Changing Connections: Mental Health Support, Family Reunification, Foster Care, Adoption

United States – KVC Health Systems is a group of non-profit organizations dedicated to helping children and their families. Having caring, supportive people in your life is a crucial first step towards recovery. And every day at KVC, we participate in incredible connection stories that have a profound impact on people’s lives. Life is made up of the bonds we form with other people, whether it’s the kindness of a foster worker who sees and responds to a child’s needs or the solidarity of a community united around a common goal.

Although some of us have struggled more than others, many of us have powerful stories of growth and recovery from adversity that we can share with the world. They are stories of individual courage in the face of adversity and reliance on friends, family and other networks for help. If you have such a story, telling it to friends or a mental health professional can make you feel lighter and freer, inspire others, and maybe even change the course of history by sparking a movement. of optimism. KVC Health Systems recognizes the value of storytelling by hosting an annual contest.

We honor the heroic efforts of children and adults who have overcome insurmountable odds to overcome obstacles such as broken families, mental health issues, addictions, isolation and despair. Our national staff and funders appreciate the opportunity to have contributed to these successes.

The 2022 Storytelling Contest received a large number of submissions. Since then, we have published our stories online. KVC team members who provide in-home family therapy and support, mental health treatment, foster care placements, adoptions, mental health treatment for inpatient children and other services that life changers have shared their stories with us. The stories show the strength of the people we help and the dedication and knowledge of our staff.

A panel of judges decides which stories from the KVC Story Contest are the most moving. All entrants who submitted a story received a personalized smartphone wallpaper, and the top three winners each won Amazon gift cards. If you haven’t read them yet, now is the perfect time to catch up. You still have time to submit our 2023 Story Contest, which runs until July 31. KVC products and gift cards are up for grabs.

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