Liam Byrne, Kinahan Gang Leader, Wife: Family Children and Net Worth Before Arrest

Who is Kinahan gang leader Liam Byrne’s wife? Liam is an Irish criminal and part of the Kinahan Organized Crime Group, founded by Christy Kinahan.

Garda learned to recognize Byrne as a dealer in cannabis and later ecstasy. The drug was provided to them by Christy Kinahan.

Kinahan hails from St. Theresa’s Gardens, a Crumlin neighborhood not far from where Byrne lived. Kinahan was in his late thirties and was based in Dublin and Tamworth when Byrne was in his early teens.

The gang’s first leader was Kinahan. Christy Kinahan was arrested and imprisoned in Dublin in 1997 for her connection to a collection of stolen cheques.

Freddie Thompson took over as leader of the gang, and Byrne and his cronies began obtaining drugs from other sources.

Read on to find out more about gang leader Liam Byrne’s wife and his other details.

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Liam Byrne, leader of the Kinahan gang, wife: family and children

Liam Byrne’s wife is Simoan McEnroe. They both got married and have a son named Lee Byrne.

James and Sadie Byrne are her parents. Of his six siblings, he is the second youngest. Her younger brother, David Byrne, was shot and killed in February 2016 due to the Hutch-Kinahan dispute.

He has a sister named Maria. He is the brother-in-law of Thomas Kavanagh. He is the cousin of Freddie Thompson, who was convicted of murder.

Byrne was arrested on June 4, 2023 in the Mallorcan town of Alcdia. He had flown from Dubai to Majorca to visit his family. A British extradition warrant served as justification for his detention.

According to Spanish police, Byrne’s criminal organization purchased weapons to resell to other criminal organizations.

The Garda Sochána and the Spanish National Police assisted the National Crime Agency, which was in charge of the investigation. Byrne left for Dubai once the investigation was completed.

Net worth of Liam Byrne before his arrest

Liam Byrne’s net worth before his arrest is estimated to be around 3 million euros. Raleigh Square brothers Liam and David Byrne worked hard and rose through the ranks of the Kinahan clan.

The brothels have bases in Spain and Dublin, and when at home they like to show off their expensive automobiles and large sums of cash.

The two and their father, James ‘Jaws’ Byrne, worked their way into the inner circle of the Kinahan Mafia through their association with Daniel Kinahan.

Liam Byrne arrested in Spain

Liam Byrne, believed to be a senior member of the Republic of Ireland’s Kinahan organized crime group, has been arrested in Spain.

Following a warrant issued by the UK, Liam Byrne, 42, from Dublin, was arrested in Mallorca on Sunday evening on suspicion of firearms offences.

According to the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA), he was arrested while having dinner with his family at a restaurant in Alcudia.

In 2016, during a boxing match in Dublin, his brother David Byrne was shot and killed due to hostilities between the Kinahan and Hutch criminal organizations.

Gerard Hutch, 60, was found not guilty of the murder of David Byrne in April.

According to An Garda Sochána Commissioner Justin Kelly, Liam Byrne’s arrest was a “particularly significant development” in the global attempt “to dismantle the operations of the Kinahan organized crime group”.

Irish authorities had previously characterized him in court as having intimate ties to the Kinahan gang.

Last Tuesday, Spanish officials arrested Jack Kavanagh, 22, from Staffordshire, England, who is believed to be a member of the group. He is also charged with crimes involving firearms.

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