Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid HAVE tried to date but ‘there was no spark’

Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid ‘tried to date a while ago’ but are determined they were better than mates after realizing there was no romance between them, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Rumors began circulating earlier this month that Gigi, 28, and Leo, 48, had a “no-strings-attached relationship”, with Us Weekly reporting the duo had a “flowing romance”, but insiders have insisted they did. briefly try to go on a date – it’s not like that, also that the actor doesn’t think about informal things.

“They tried to meet a while ago to see if there was something there, but there just wasn’t. They’ve been friends for so long, but they don’t have an open relationship with no strings attached,” the insider emphasizes.

“People just have to let it go. That’s the way Leonardo treats relationships. That makes it sound cheap, and it’s not. When he’s with someone, he’s with them. He’s enjoying his friendship with Gigi, and that’s about it.

Leonardo DiCaprio, 48 (pictured at Cannes in May), recently tried to meet Gigi Hadid, 28, to see if there might be something there, but it just wasn’t,” a source tells DailyMail.com.

Titanic star Gigi (pictured arriving at a similar lodge as Leo after dinner with her mum and dad in London earlier this month) are “just friends”.

The pair sparked romance rumors in September 2022 when they were seen socializing at a VIP event held at New York’s Casa Cipriani (as seen here).

Leo and Gigi recently sparked romance rumors when they dined out with his mum and dad in London two nights in a row.

However, when asked about current outings with dad and mom, the supplier responded by suggesting that going out to dinner together meant there could be more than friendship between the two.

“It’s just ridiculous that a man and a woman can’t be friends without everyone insisting it’s more,” they said.

On June 6, Leo arrived at the China Tang restaurant in London with his father George and stepmother Peggy Farrarto. Gigi came to a similar restaurant individually. The event dined collectively, but not one after the other.

The next evening they were seen together again. After arriving on unusual occasions at London’s infamous Chiltern Firehouse, Leo and Gigi dined with his mum and dad and some company.

The actor, who is only used to dating girls under the age of 25, fell in love with Gigi, who happens to be mum to three-year-old daughter Khai with Zayn Malik, in the summer of 2022.

In September, they were photographed together for the first time in images obtained exclusively by DailyMail.com.

In the pictures, which were taken at a VIP event hosted by Leo’s pals Richie Akiva and Darren Dziensol at Casa Cipriani in Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood, Leo and Gigi were getting cozy with each other.

At one level, Leo leaned forward and placed his hands on her shoulders. She was seen returning the gesture by placing her hands on his knees.

After the pictures went viral, the delivery told on page six that they approach, yet “take it easy”.

The offer went on to say that the pair have been together, just the two of them, not calling themselves “exclusive” but.

On June 7 in China, Leo and Gigi ate Tang with Leo’s father, George, and stepmother, Peggy Fararto (pictured right here). According to the offer: “They’re just mates and that’s all”

Before dinner with Leo’s folks, they were last seen slipping out of New York hotspot Cipriani in May, where Leo (pictured here) was seen incognito.

Minutes after Leo left, Gigi (seen right here) additionally left the restaurant. Offer advised DailyMail.com: “It’s funny how a man and a woman can’t just be friends

The person added: “(DiCaprio) is not someone who is in and out of relationships. He doesn’t jump around to catch himself. They take it in stride.

Since then, the duo, who are professionals at avoiding unwanted photographers, have not been seen together since a recent dinner in London. However, they have been photographed arriving and/or leaving the same location at different times.

In November, the two left Casa Cipriani in the Big Apple at different times, where they were first pictured together. Things seemed to cool down the following month when Leo was photographed partying with a slew of gorgeous models in Miami, Florida.

In February, a source told DailyMail.com that Leo was ‘single’ and needed to open up about his idea of ​​being under 25. Gigi just seemed like a perfect fit.

“Leo is very single at the moment and he’s not happy about the hype that suggests he’s going after these very young women,” an insider told DailyMail.com. “He’s looking for something more mature in the relationship department.”

“It’s just ridiculous because he can’t go anywhere without being involved with the youngest beautiful woman,” the supply added. “He wants to get rid of that image once and for all, and it really bothers him that it continues to haunt him.”

Leo wasn’t seen with beautiful Victoria’s Secret model Gigi for another month – until they each attended identical Oscars pre- and post-parties in Los Angeles. Eyewitnesses claim that they looked very similar to the pair, but there are no pictures of them together.

Dating History: This chart reveals Leonardo DiCaprio’s age and his ex-girlfriends’ ages and relationships

In May, the A-listers were photographed walking to the Zero Bond party in New York. At the time Entertainment tonight reported that they hang out whenever “their busy schedules allow.”

They each enjoy each other’s company and enjoy being together when their busy schedules allow. Yolanda and Bella know that Gigi is capable of making her own personal healthy choices, so they support her. Gigi’s top priority is her baby,” the distributor informed.

It appeared 2 years ago, as Leo is seen with a series of beautiful fashions in the current weeks.

Earlier this week, Leo was spotted with another beautiful 28-year-old model, Neelam Gill. The two had a late dinner together in Paris, together with Leo’s lifelong best friend Tobey Maguire (47), as well as Toby’s children – daughter Ruby (16) and his son Otis (14). Another visit from Leo’s niece Normandy (16).

Not only was Neelam the star of The Wolf of Wall Street, but there was another man sitting between them. After DailyMail.com was told the two were just mates, Neelam headed to London’s Chiltern Firehouse with Leo and his mum for a mother-son duo meal with Gigi.

Despite his numerous outings with completely different girls, Us Weekly reported that he and Gigi still had a “friendly, no-strings-attached” relationship. travel is so common that it is best for them to keep their relationship open and clean.

A separate supplier near Leo has hit out at the report, saying it is “definitely false”.

Leo’s short-lived romance with Gigi began after his split from his girlfriend of 5 years, Camille Morrone, 26.

Leonardo DiCaprio Dating History

The “Django Unchained” star has practiced a well-known behavior of never approaching a girl over the age of 25.


Gisele and Leonardo at the 2005 Academy Awards

Leo’s first high-profile relationship was with a Brazilian model who was in his 20s when the couple got together. She broke up 5 years later at the age of 25.

BAR REFAELI (2005-2010)

Bar Refaeli

The actor’s relationship with Bar Refaeli ended after 5 years of cheating – coincidentally at the same time that the Israeli model turned 25.


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds’ current spouse only dated Leo for 12 months when she was 23 years old.


Elaine Heatherton

The Victoria’s Secret Angel alum was just 22 when she met DiCaprio in 2012.

TONI GARNS (2013-2014)

Tony Garn

German-born model Garn was just 21 when she and Leo broke up after two years of dating.


Kelly Rohrbach on the set of Baywatch

The Baywatch reboot star was 25 when she and DiCaprio dated from June to December 2015, and the split was said to be amicable.

NINA AGDALA (2016-2017)

Nina Agdal and her ex Jack Brinkley Cook

It ended between Leo and the Danish swimsuit model after she turned 25 in 2017.

CAMILLE MORONE (2017-2022)

Leo and Camila on the street in New York in May 2018

Leo and the model-turned-actress began dating just months after his breakup with Nina Agdal. At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, both were cited as being more critical than ever, but in the summer of 2022, both are reportedly falling apart.


Gigi Hadid walks the runway in Paris in October 2022

After breaking up with Morone in August, it was reported that Leo had set his sights on model Gigi Hadid. The pair were spotted hanging out at hot spots in NYC, but the romance seems to have fizzled out in December.


In the photo of Victoria Lamas

Leo was previously romantically linked to model/actress Victoria Lamas, who appears to be the daughter of actor Lorenzo Lamas. The pair were spotted out and about in Hollywood in late December, reportedly ringing in the new 12 months together.

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