Leek Michael Travis, American citizen accused of drug trafficking arrested in Russia

United States — The sanctions were imposed following Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. According to Russian state media, a US citizen has been arrested in Russia on suspicion of being involved in the distribution of illegal drugs. According to the press office of a court in Moscow’s Khamovniki district, which spoke to the Interfax news agency, the accused was a former paratrooper as well as a musician. He was suspected of leading a drug-selling operation involving young people.

Leek Michael Travis was given as the male name in the report. According to a family member who spoke to CNN, his name was Michael Travis Leake. There was no newly discovered information about the man immediately available. CNN says the State Department is aware of the story but has chosen not to comment further on the matter. News of the arrest came nearly six months after Brittney Griner, a famous American basketball player who had been detained in Russia on drug charges but was freed in a prisoner swap, was freed.

Griner was detained for almost ten months for possession of cannabis, and her story became an international cause because she was seen as a hostage held by Moscow in response to international sanctions following its invasion of Ukraine. The United States strongly recommends that all American citizens refrain from traveling to Russia. After Russia began an all-out invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the West retaliated by imposing sanctions and flight bans on the country. This prompted a large number of people from the United States and European countries to leave Russia. There was a lack of clarity regarding the exact number that is still in Russia.

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